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    I was surprised that there are no updates in this thread, so here's a post I made about Cloverfield on another forum: Just got back from seeing. I have to say I'm VERY pleased with it! I also have to say it was very different in several unexpected and unusual respects, but I think they all contribute to making it a unique movie that keeps you guessing the whole time. For about the first 15 minutes I was thinking, "Oh gosh...this shaky cam thing is making me CRAZY!!!!" Then I never even thought about it again until after the movie when I realized, "Hey, that wasn't too bad!" Like Refefer said, the shaky cam actually REALLY adds to the movie, makes it seem real, and I adjusted to it fairly quickly, even though I was really not digging it at first. The 'monster' was awesome, too. They didn't over-expose it in the beginning, kept you waiting, and then when you got to see it, it certainly wasn't a let-down. Not overdone and totally unrealistic, but also not so low-key that anyone could complain about it as some have about the 'dark-seekers' in I Am Legend. I was just really pleased with the whole thing. The way it's shot, the way the story starts, the limited view (both with visuals and the pieces of the puzzle) you get from the first-person type vantage point as the story unfolds, and the end are all very unique, at least in my movie-going experience. And I thought that though some of those approaches aren't always the best, combined together in this movie they really came together and made it an awesome movie. Oh, and I was really surprised how it all ended.
  2. I just realized this might prove to be a good alternative... I just bought a Yamaha CDR-HD1300. It has an 80gb hard drive, and, as I understand it, you can store music on the HD in various formats, including lossless (which is the way I'll go). 80gb isn't much, especially if you are going with lossless, but I've read that it's a snap to replace the HD with a larger one, so I'll likely be doing that shortly. I should be getting it here within a few days...I can't wait! I paid just over $200 for it, and I personally know of two audio stores selling demo units for right at $500, loaded with music, so you can find them for a pretty good price. Actually, they're selling the MCX-1000, which acts a wireless server, but can be used exaclty like the CDR-HD1300/1500.
  3. That's awesome. I wish I could experience a 'demonstration' like that. Sometimes I suspect I may be in that 'deafest' category, though I don't want to be. Though...it would be a lot cheaper if I could just be happy with a boombox...[]
  4. Wow, that really is beautiful. I just might have to get some McIntosh equipment one day...it just looks so great.
  5. Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the info. How would y'all rate the vintage HK receivers compared to the vintage Pioneer SX line of receivers?
  6. These vintage HK receivers have caught my attention. What's the deal with the 'Twin' designation? What does that mean?
  7. So, to further hijack this thread, does/did James B. Lansing have anything to do with Altec Lansing?
  8. Oh, yeah...glad to see you still here. [][]
  9. Wow, I never knew what 'JBL' stood for. I guess it's 'James B. Lansing'. How interesting.
  10. Come on! I know they're not very popular at all, but you could easily make a list of just SACD's over two pages long! Especially if you only had to list two discs per page. [][]
  11. I don't have any experience with either of those companies, though I have heard a lot of good things about both of their products, but with such a major purchase as this, I really wouldn't be trying to rush it any. Wow, I can't believe I just said that. Me, the one who will purchase a new piece of equipment at the drop of a hat whenever I have some money burning a whole in my pocket.
  12. You certainly can get in on tubes on the cheap. However, be forwarned; as with other types of equipment, the cheaper it is, usually the lousier it is and the worse it sounds. As you may very well know, some won't even touch cheap tubes. I just say that to say, don't write off tubes in general based on a poor experience with some cheap piece of tube equipment. audiobliss
  13. As someone else said, I would change my source of amplification by adding a separate amplifier. I'm sure the HK is stouter and would prove to be a good piece to use on the mains for a test, but I would still look for some separate amplification at some point down the road.
  14. I have the 83's. If I bi-amp, let's say 2 amplifiers of 175 watts per channel each, does this mean my 3 woofers will get 175 watts all together, and the tiny 1.25" tweeter will get 175 watts? Thanks. Indeed. The top binding post goes to the tweeter, and the bottom to the mid/woofer drivers. That's why it's common to biamp with either a less powerful amp on top or a tube amp on top along with SS on the bottom.
  15. Whao. This response implies that the RF series of Klipsch speakers are 3-way speakers with a tweeter, mid, and woofer. Are they really 3-way? I'm 100% sure I've seen them advertised as 2-way speakers on the Klipsch website, and I was of the understanding that they were indeed 2-way with two woofers and one tweeter. Am I all wrong? audiobliss
  16. Thanks for the info. It would have been nice to play with, but I missed out on it. Do you happen to know what the 545's output into 4ohms is? I can't seem to find any specs on it online.
  17. Yeah, then this really is a good price. But I missed it. []
  18. I'm confident the asking price is great, but just out of curiousity, what is the going rate?
  19. I'm really tempted to buy an Adcom set (preamp and amp) for a good price, but I was wondering how they'd sound with Klipsch. I've heard Adcom is bright, so that doesn't sound like it'd be the best match for Klipsch. Now, I'm obviously not going to replace my current system with this Adcom gear, I'd just like to get my ear on some nicer SS gear 1) to hear SS (I just jumped in with tubes), 2) for maybe a second/backup rig, 3) I've discovered that the only way you learn in this hobby is to hear everything you can. I mean, it's all opinions...and you can't have an opinion on something if you've never heard it. So, anyways, it's a GTP-500 preamp and a GFA-545 amp. How bad of a match do you think it'd be with the Klipsch, just out of curiousity, though, as I already said, that wouldn't be their 'home' rig. Thanks!
  20. I'm horrified that you actually tried driving RF-7's with a receiver! [] The Rotel would do a much better job with the RF-7, though I would personally want more power than that. However, the RF-7 are very efficient, so you should be happy with it.
  21. I'm going to have to look into active crossovers, I do believe.
  22. Oh, my; now I'm thoroughly confused! And concerned, since I'm biamping my RF-35! I've been thinking for quite a while that it doesn't make any sense for my HF amps to be receiving and reproducing the full frequency range, while my LF amps are doing the same, while they're only actually needing to provide one or the other. I've not liked that idea as I see it as being unneccessary. However, I had never thought about it actually having ill-effect on my amps. Can someone a little more succintly explain what's going on here? I see that using an active XO would do away with any concerns, but then I like having as little as possible in the signal path. Also, I don't want to worry with removing passive XO's in my speakers; I don't really want to do anything to them except listen to them! Could I place an active XO in front of my amps? Would that affect anything? Sincerely, confused
  23. Thanks for the comments, fellas. Yeah, I'm most definitely into cars. That's my 'passion'. Being 18, I haven't tapped into that at all, but I can eat/sleep/dream cars 24/7. From a '55 Belair, '69 Camaro, '71 Chevelle, and '66 Cobra, to an '87 Grand National, '84 911, F50, Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda, etc. I could go on an on... I think I would LOVE to 4-wheel, but I've only taken my Jeep off-road twice so far. And, obviously, my avatar pic was taken on one of those occasions. If the budget allowed, off the top of my head I can think of about $3,000 or so worth of off-road gear I'd love to get for it, but I don't know if she could handle the riggers of off-roading. I'm really beating her into the groudn everyday I drive her on the road...I need to let up and go easy on her...I love her too much to kill her... Anyhoo, cassettes. Yeah, I love cassettes. Not really that I like them over CD's, just that I have so many tapes from when I was young that's some of my favorite stuff, that I HAVE to have a tape player. Yeah, I could be interested in some more. You have anything available? audiobliss69
  24. Hey, all. It's been a while since I've posted anything over here on this forum. I thought it might be time for me to chime in and give y'all an update, and a chance to offer some (constructive!) feedback on my system. Right now my main source is still my Rotel RCD-02, though I've added a Yamaha KW-900U dual-cassette deck, too. I'm also still using my Parasound P/HP-850 preamp and my ASL Wave 8 monoblocks, though they're now powering the highs and I've added ASL Wave 20 monoblocks to power the lows. I've also gone to Signal Cable Analog 1 interconnects throughout except from the Rotel to the Parasound where I'm using a pair of Outlaw copper interconnects with the locking RCA connectors. Now all I'm going to do (haha...) is add a tuner fo some type and replace my Radio Shack speaker wire with something a little more worthy. I also just rearranged my room here recently which has allowed me to greatly improve the placement of my speakers, though I'm definitely a n00b when it comes to placement and I've got a lot of tweaking left to do in that regard. If you'd like to see some pictures of my system, you can check out a thread I started on another forum I frequent. Most of the pictures are in the first post. http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43721http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43721'> I wanna go ahead and apologize for any typos in this post, as I'm typing from a computer at school and it's incredibly slow! I mean, I type about three words and then they show up. So I'm not even going to bother with correcting the typos...ti's taken me long enough to compose it the start with! Any comments/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! audiobliss69
  25. Congrats on your new system, MLH. You certainly have a great start on an awesome rig! I, for one, must say this is one exceptional 12 year old. Not even taking into account his love and appreciation for music, but look at the way he's writing here, and the vocabulary he's using! I'm shocked! I'm 18, and I've almost had to pull out the dictionary a few times in this thread! I'd say someone's parents should be especially proud. Rock on, but not too loud!
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