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  1. They are but he's got that Cornwall to fill in the hole. I'm still looking for some those skinny girls though. These two seem thoroughly bored to death with those guys.
  2. That's goofy, look at the Klipschorn website page right here on klipsch.com. They're showing them about 10-12 feet apart. Although attached below is my "ideal" set up. Mix me a manhattan, light up a cigar and invite the ladies over.
  3. Looks great. Like the artwork. Like your avatar too. Hot geek chicks and vinyl.
  4. Exactly. I guess that's what I'm interested in. I have pretty decent corners but in one of them, I will not be able to get the flush tight seal I used to have my house when I had Klipschorns about 10 years ago. It's going to have to be about an inch away due to some stone work. So now that I see people screwing wood on the backs of some older Klipschorns, I'm scratching my head and saying who-what-huh? Thanks for the comments, all. I would like to see what Roy might say about the new ones and if they measure any differently if they're tight sealed vs. a few inches away from a corner
  5. Was it really that easy? the new Khorns have backs which allows non-tight corner placement. And I currently see 2 pair of Khorns on eBay with backs added to them. I've been absent for about 8-9 years but I never recalled people saying you could put backs on the Khorns for more flexible placement. There was always a lot of talk of "false wall" building but I don't recall anybody EVER mentioning you could close in the backs to give you more flexibility in corner placement. Is this a new phenomenon? I'm in the market for a pair and was considering ordering a new pair from Klipsch. But I also see a couple of nice used pairs on eBay with modified backs on them. I don't recall ever seeing that back in the 90's and 2000's.
  6. Unless your domestic setting looks like my dream living room.
  7. Thank you for responding. I'll usually pay a premium when something is in pristine condition like these. "Average" is usually pretty ratty in my opinion. Plus these have cane grill cloth which I'm a sucker for! But I'd agree I could certainly work down from the 2800 starting point. That said, I suppose I'll wait. If I had these I'll always look at them and wish they were Khorns lol.
  8. Wow, those are beautiful. I've never heard the Belles. How do they compare to Khorns which I know and love and hope to get a pair again here in the next 6 months. Note I'm right near Cleveland so these look interesting.
  9. Thanks, good to know. Seems so much simpler than all that false wall folderol people used to go through. Maybe it's not so simple. Either way, I have nice corners so I'll be good to go.
  10. Curious about closing in the back, so now tight corner placement is not as crucial. If it was that simple, why didn't they do that a millions years ago? Is that a sacrifice to market demands or will these really sound just as good as the non-closed in backs that are tightly sealed up into a corner wall. What would Paul say? PS. Sorry, long time no post. Might be interested in a new pair of Klipschorns early next year.
  11. Hi Gary, Been busy with lots of things outside of Audio for the last few years, work, keeping my teens in line, learning to play golf. I still have some NOSValves rebuilt Dynaco relics, my TD124 and a pair of Klipsch Image speakers set up in a nice little listening room. Craig has bought a few parts from me over the years so I had to log on and see whats what with his new preamp. Good to see so many familiar names here.
  12. Mike, Why you covering up all that beautiful, high quality sheet metal with that clumsy old-fashioned looking wood box Scott
  13. Test, test and test. I usd to collect and clean all sorts of vintage gear. Rarely did "one method" work for all pieces. Is it a brushed aluminum face plate? If it doesn't have any kind of clear coat (those often yellowed) and since your lettering is engraved, you could use a variety of metal polishes like Simichrome or Fitz that would get the piece looking steller. Have a good thick terry cloth to get the polish out of the engravings but as long as you don't let it sit for very long, the excess polish will come right out. Might want to have a couple of toothpicks(with the tips softened up a little) to help clean out stuff in the engravings. Any kind of liquid or alochol is ok, but again, don't let it sit in the lettering engravings for very long or it can start to take the ink out with it. Just make sure to test in a small area (preferably a hard to see area) and start with less! Less product, less pressure, less rubbing. And work your way up as long as you're not damaging anything.
  14. Hey make sure to write that down... perhaps in the manual like I should have done. I think I had to ask Mark twice which one was LOMC as the manual was written for the standard Blueberry. Although it's easy enough to tell once you hook up your tt. Everything arrive in good shape? Scott
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