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Hello everyone. Looking for some help?

raw nerve

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First off i like to say hello to everyone. 2nd, I was in bestbuy the otherday and seen the Quintet III MicroSystem and they sounded really good for the size. My room is 12x12 and just want to buy something i can live with for a few years. So can some here build me a nice system from start for about 1500.00 with a receiver. The system can only be wall hangin. I found some nice rb-35's for cheap. Can they be hung on a wall? This is all new to me so please help. thanks joe

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If you really liked the Quintet III, I would suggest getting that plus the Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer. They should total $1000 or less depending on if you buy them when Best Buy has them on sale. Then for a receiver, brands such as Denon, Yamaha and Harman/Kardon are very good with Klipsch. Just pick a receiver that you like for about $500 and you'll be set!

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honestly, I am not that impressed with the Quintet system. If you can swing it eventually, why not start with 35 sized speakers that you can add to or move to the rear as your mains get larger and larger?

And as you move into bigger quarters, you can use some of these speakers for other rooms, etc. It's a building process.


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