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Crossover advice for Synergy Sub-10


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To quote the Klipsch manual for the Sub-10:

"LINE IN/LFE - This input is filtered by the built in LOW-PASS (LP) crossover and is designed as a general purpose input for the subwoofer. It accepts the LFE signal output of your digital surround electronics."

So, it sounds like the low-pass filter will work on the sub and you'll have to set it at 100hz or whatever setting that you'd like to.

As an alternative method of hooking up the sub, you can get an RCA cable Y-splitter so that both the left and right inputs on the sub are hooked up. You will generally experience a noticeable increase in sound output by doing this.

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what you have is basically two bass controls. The first, in the receiver, rolls off signal above 100hz from going to the sub, then the second control comes into play. If you want to use just the 100hz limit from the receiver, set the SUB10 cutoff as high as possible so they won't interfere.

If you set it around 100, you will increase the slope at which the cutoff takes place by a bit, and if you set it below 100, it becomes the new limiting device.

Make sense?


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