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who makes the warmest sounding solid state amps?


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In my experience you need five of these...[;)]

Agree on the McIntosh!

Also, while I have not heard the Parasound Classic line, IME the Halo line is NOT what I would refer to as warm. I used to use an A21 and A51 in my HT and have now...uhhh...simplified to an A23 w/ LS3/5A - Stirling speakers. I do like the Halo, but wouldn't call it warm. Especially on Klipsch.

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Take a look at (or more importantly listen to) B&K. Warm, bullet proof, rugged, reliable and built in the U.S. of A.

I've got four B&K amps in my HT system, one in my office system, one in my BR system, and another out in the garage. I like 'em.

Don't be afraid to buy used, 2 channel B&K amps can often be had on ebay for ~$200.


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