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Where to set the Crossover on sub


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That would be best in your case. Technically 110Hz is a little high to set a sub because you run the risk of being able to localize the bass since the subwoofer is playing at a higher frequency than is ideal. Unfortunately if you set your sub's crossover much lower than 110Hz you'll end up with a hole in the sound between your crossover setting and the 110Hz lowest point of your Mirage's.

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The frequency response of speakers are many times listed like this: 110Hz-20kHz +- 3dB. What that means is that 110Hz would be the '3 decibel down' point. Usually the output below that point drops like a rock with most speakers. So more than likely even at 110Hz the speaker is playing 3 decibels lower than frequencies above that point. Considering that, I think that again in your case 110Hz would be the best blend without causing any dropouts in sound around the 110Hz range.

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