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how to biwire LaScala?


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Finally after a long period of waiting and some trobles my biwire cable (the Monster M2,4) has arived.

I knew i had to make some changes to my x-over to make it suitable for biwiring so i asked my dealer what i had to do.

Unfortunally he didnt knew it either,but dont worry he said,i will let u know it the next day.

Well..it has been 4 days since then and still he doesnt know a thing Frown.gif

Tomorrow he is closed and monday also.

So i hope that u guys can explain it to me in simple understanding words how i have to connect te cable and what i must change in my x-over.

I thought that a cable had to be removed ore something like that?

Maybe u can explain it to me with a picture?..ore a schema perhaps?

Hopefully u can help me..

Thx so far.

Greetings M.H

(p.s my speakers are the new model..they are 2 years old)

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My LaScalas have a couple of red wires right on the input terminal between the woofer terminals and the input terminals. I believe you just cut those two wires and run one amp cable to the input (+/-) and the other amp cable to the woofer terminals.

I have not tried this. Contact Klipsch and they can talk you through it.

Sorry for the ignorance about European phone systems, but you might be able to use the Klipsch 800 number.

People on this board know the number to call. Perhaps someone else can help you out.

Good luck.


John P

St Paul, MN

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Well..i think i have found the solution..

The 2 "low" cables stay on the old connection(the far right connection's)..

The 2 "high" cables are going to the far left connection's.

So i pass the tweeter/mid and low connection's.

Then i have to cut 2 copper wires that connect the far left and far right connection's.

I think this is he right solution,if not pls let me know Smile.gif

(i have checked the x-over and yes..i have the AL-3 type...is this by the way a good x-over??..because i heard there are some more x-over types available)

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