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Mod Squad 650 CD Player.


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My normal CD player is in for cleaning and alignment. I tried to use my 1987 Mod Squad in the interim but it will not power up. If I have a manual I don't know where it is. There is a power supply that connects in the back with a very positive plug and screw on piece. It just will not light up. What am I missing. PS the unit has been stored in a cool dry place for 18 years. Is this Why? Made by Consumer Electronics Corporation of Knoxville Tn. Are they still in business?

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"unit has been stored in a cool dry place for 18 years'

My guess is that an internal fuse blew due to the caps needing to be re-formed.

If it tunrs out to be the case, you will need to run the unit at low voltage for a few hours till the caps re-form.  for a CD player, Putting a 100 watt light bulb in series with the unit will provide the reduced voltage we are talking about.

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