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Plugging ports on corner mounted SB-1's ?


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Until I get my room addition finished and have room for some RF-7's or Heritage/Classics, I have to have my SB-1's (the mains on my Synergy 6) mounted with Omni-mounts in the front corners. They are mounted from the ceiling about 12" out from the corners. I know this is not ideal for a ported speaker, and even with them set to small with my receiver, and all bass below 90HZ going to the KSW-12, they still sound a little boomy. Would it help to plug the ports ? If so, what would I use so as not to cause any damage ?

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I've read a balled up sock works well for this. Make sure it's a clean one as any possible passing air thru the sock will carry the stench of foot around the room. A real romance killer I do think.


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