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Subwoofer Interconnect Recomendations


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Recomendations on subwoofer interconnects. SVS offers a reasonably priced interconnect [better Cables]especially if one needs a 15 meter one at $75.. I recall that the shorter the better for component interconnects. My longest is about 1 1/2 meters. Is it the low frequency signal to the sub that allows the long distance if needed and a less costly interconnect?

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If you are talking about a line level interconnect cable, go to blue jeans cable and look at what they offer.


I got mine cables from them and it worked out fine. They seem to be concerned about good quality and fair value.

They also have some good articles abot cables and connectors. I found their HDMI articles very interesting.

They will be offering an American made HDMI cable in April or May.

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