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HT Speakers for a receiver With clamps ie no RCA jacks


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A relative has the receiver for a LG electroniic HT system which he picked up but without the speakers that go with it. The 6 clamps on the back are those that a single wire fits into and you snap it tight. Its 600 watts LG DVT 418. What speaker system [modified if necessary] would work with this? This is a low budget search.

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Looked up the manual for that model, but didn't dig very deep. Looks like you could use any 8 Ohm satellites, and a 4 Ohm sub, passive, it seems. I suppose a powered sub would work too, if it had speaker level inputs. You might want to dig into the manual and find out what size drivers the original speakers had, and try to match or come close to that.

The specs on this thing, considering it's size/weight/price, are astounding. Like too good to be true. [;)] At least it's not a $1400 Buy Other Sound Equipment system.

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