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Tube rollin' for CD player?


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I just picked up a Sheng Ya/Vincent CD HDCD player and I've been swapping out tubes trying to get the max sound. Anyone been playing with this set up got any tried and true suggestions? Right now I'm running Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7 ECC83 and a Gold pin Siemens 6922 6DJ8. This thing sounds great and the front window tube glow is a nice cool feature. I'm just looking for "More" from my tubes. I'm short on the 6922 6DJ8 stock and wouldn't like to keep adding to my personal collection of unused "back up" tubes.



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Thank you on the offer. I'll keep it handy.

I am hoping someone on the forum here has tried different types out and found a nice match up before I spend any more on tubes that just end up being back ups. I have the original Philips tubes, Amperex, Mazda (England) and a couple of Diamond top smooth plates now. Just looking for a short cut to.


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There is quite a bit out there that can be used in place of the 12ax7.  A lot of folks like the 5751.  If you have any of the lower MU tubes, it's worth a try in place of the 12ax7.  

tube  mu

12AU7 17 *

4003 19

5963 19

5815 19

6189 19

ECC82 17 *

12AV7 41

5965 41

12AT7 60 *

12AZ7 60

CV4024 60



ECC81 60 *

5751 70 *

12AX7 100 *

CV4004 100

7025 100

6681 100

ECC83 100 *

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Thanks for the options. I've got a couple hundred tubes to play with and I give them each at least an hour of warmup/playout. i'm hoping to find someone that's done a bit of the legwork already. Don't get me wrong, playing with this stuff is a big part of the appeal to tubes but there's not enough hours to the day sometimes.

I tried to send you pics of my newest amp and the emails kicked back to me. I'd post some pics here but I keep getting an "OOPS ERROR" when I try to upload them to the forum. I'm about ready to give up. I know as much about cameras as I do ladies fashion. NADA, zip, nyet. nuttin'.

Tx again,


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