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Dust cover repair help


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https://www.parts-express.com/search?order=relevance:desc&keywords=Adhesive for dust caps


https://www.parts-express.com/search?order=relevance:desc&keywords=Dust caps


You can pick one that is the correct size. Use an exacto knife to remove the old dust cap. Leave a little of the old one so you don't risk separating the voice coil from the cone.

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11 hours ago, Gary Mclin said:

I have a hole in my passive radiator cap to one of my Forte ¡¡ and needs recommendations on repair kit or if someone in the Dayton,OH area that can fix it?

  dust caps and black speaker cement glue are sold on Ebay in various sizes  , most new dust caps have a lip ,  buy a pair since the new dust cap may not match the old dust cap on your 2nd speaker , use a hair dryer to melt off the glue and peel off the old dust cap if you're not comfortable using a precision knife , and gently does it .

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