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Crown Amps and Klipsch, for Cornwall and Heresy??


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Ok call ME crazy, BUT>>>>

Would a Crown Amp, say a D45 or a D75A, just be fantastic on a set of Cornwalls or Heresy speakers?

Please feel free to give me your input based on the below use for the Crown Amps. Thanks in advance!

My thoughts were to use either one of these amps for "Live, and or Recorded Music-and Vocals" to be heard over a Cornwall- Heresy set up. I know, dare say it, Karaoke. BUT, these are simply the best sounding combinations of a sound system so far I have heard. The thought is this.... Use the Cornwalls for the music..and the Heresy speakers on top of those just for the vocals. (A system using a Mackie 1604 VLZ mixing board, digital effects, karaoke machine, shure SM57 mics, etc., etc.)

I figured they reproduce the best sounding live or recorded music ever while not "traditional PA speakers" yes I know. This system really is great. Were not trying to have a big JBL 1,000,000,000 watt tour flying, arena sized, rock n roll show here..LOL

Just fill a 1000 sq ft + - room.

I know of a former DJ in college, that used used 2 sets of La Scalas, with two Crown amps,(D75's), that were loud, clean, and he sweared by them. (He never had speaker blow outs, and never had any amp problems.)

I would never even think of using this senario on the other line of Klipsch speakers more for traditional home use.(e.g. Ref series. etc etc) This question is more for the Cornwall/Heresy line only in this senario.

I wanted to know if anyone had ever used Crown amps, and felt they were ultra clean, and did well with Klipsch speakers.

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KIF, I sold lots of Crown D-150 or D-75 amps with Klipsch way back when. I would not describe that match as one made in audio heaven. The amps were pretty 'crunchy' sounding to my ears. Had a DC-300a and found it to sound the same. The Crowns were built well and rarely failed, but I prefered the sound of the old Phase Linear 400 (not the 700 or 200). That amp blew up early and often, but when working sounded pretty good for its day.

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