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Survey #5: Live home recordings?


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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, I heard young Skywalker record his acoustic guitar in an empty 10' by 10' dormitory room made of concrete blocks. If I remember correctly, he used a simple Teac reel-to-reel recorder and a pair of basic condenser microphones. I do not know what song he played. Playback of it though, was on the pair of folding speakers that enclosed the reel-to-reel deck and it was incredible.

Memory no longer serves up all of the details, but I was struck with a lightening bolt of pure realization that such a simple and inexpert effort captured so much of the motion, pace, timbre, vibrations, reflections and tone of both young Skywalker's voice and his student guitar. It sounded live. All of the hard room ambiance was there. It was accurate and real sounding. Although I only heard it once and have yet to repeat the experiment, it remains, to this day, one of the best recordings I have ever heard!

Since that time, I have always:

1) Felt that studio recordings must be made in living rooms resembling that of the listener. Something like 15' by 20' with sheet-rock walls and carpeted floors, but no other acoustic treatments.

2) Wanted to repeat the experiment in my own living room to hear how closely it sounded to the real thing.

I asked about how often Klipsch lovers get out to see live music, so now my survey questions are, has any body else made live home recordings? What did you do? How did it turn out? What do you think, is this the ultimate tweaking audiophile solution, or is this where we should all be starting?

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what?! nobody makes home recordings? I thought this was the forte of tweaking audiophiles everywhere! Is this hobby so rarefied that we no longer bother with listening to the real thing at live concerts or recording people making live music? Or has the industry suceeded in making us vapid consumers of their products and removed the process of live recordings out of our grasp?

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I make home recording all the time.It true that the simpler the better for certain set ups like gitar and voice.I also have a small pro studio that use up to 32 tracks. Some of the best recordings I have ever heard were live to a 2 track tape or record.

many times I make to diffrent mixes of the same music

(when recording muti track).One for big horns (klipschorns,altecs,jbls ev's ect.) one foe smaller typical speakers of today.

Many big studios have samll isolation rooms with bright walls (like a dorm room)or walls that can change from dead to bright.

Best sounding home style recoding I ever made was with a AKG sterio mike live to 2 track.

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