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hmm Looks sweet! New Sunfire Pre Amp.. TGP 401


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I sell Integra as well and the 9.9 is currently not available but will be very soon. For that price it is very hard to beat once it becomes available. I have considered getting that one for myself as well. If only Integra would have come out with a profile 2.0 blu-ray to match it!

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Has me curious as to how this compares to B&K Reference 70 pre/pro that just recently came out as well. I have my eye on the B&K myself, which I may land after the holidays (and when things HOPEFULLY settle down at work!)

At the very least it'll match my B&K amp (which I also do not intend to upgrade), plus it'llbe one hell of a step up from this, admittedly aging and getting long in the tooth, Denon AVR-3802 reciever that I am currently using as a pre/pro.

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