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hmm Looks sweet! New Sunfire Pre Amp.. TGP 401


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Product of the Week

Sunfire's New Theater Grand Processor

By RS Staff

WA--Sunfire's new Theater Grand 401 Processor (TGP-401), at an MSRP of
$3,500, provides state-of-the-art sonic performance with all the
connectivity and processing needed for today’s ultimate home theater
systems. looking at + - PRICE: 2,852.00 off of some other sites.

Sunfire's TGP-401

The TGP-401, which upgrades and replaces Sunfire’s Theater Grand 5
Processor (TGP-5), adds a host of new connectivity, including SIRIUS
satellite radio, dual Olé 2XL touchpad ports, and a VIA!migo port for
iPod support. It also boasts a new industrial design that provides a
complement to the new Sunfire TGA-series amplifiers. The company’s new
flagship model will be shipping in April of 2008.

The TGP-401 is an advanced audiophile-grade processor equipped with
three HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interfaces) v1.3a inputs and one
HDMI output. This Sunfire-designed, 1080p-capable switcher carries
uncompressed digital video transmissions between HDMI source
components, the TGP-401, and HDMI-compatible display devices. Using a
simple, user-friendly connector, the HDMI protocol supports standard,
enhanced and high-definition digital video on a single cable.

Another TGP-401 innovation is its configurable front panel input.
Hidden behind a viscously damped, brushed aluminum door, the front
connections may be assigned as Y/Pr/Pb/optical for HD gaming, or
composite/s-video/analog for camcorders with a simple press of a
button. An industry first, this feature is only found on Sunfire
electronics. Also tucked behind the door is the microphone input for
the TGP-401’s Auto EQ feature. This provides a simple, automatic
process to EQ all seven channels plus subwoofer. For the installing
dealer who would like to perform hands-on tweaking, there are detailed
manual adjustments available for each channel pair.

Will all that’s new, the TGP-401 still delivers the goods when it comes
to classic Sunfire features and versatility. Its array of surround
sound modes includes 7.1-channel Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital,
Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24, and
user-configurable all-speaker stereo. Also onboard is a Sunfire’s
remarkable Sonic Holography circuit. Invented by Bob Carver in the
1980s, Sonic Holography continues to amaze listeners with its ability
to substantially enhance the perceived soundstage of any stereo

In addition, the TGP-401 includes SIRIUS, AM and FM tuners, an
eight-channel input for DVD-Audio or SACD, eight balanced XLR outputs,
and a video format conversion system that automatically up-converts
Composite video to S-video, and S-video to component video to simplify
connections to the TV. The system’s powerful LCD-based remote is easy
and intuitive to operate. It comes heavily pre-programmed for the
TGP-401, has full learning capabilities, and features optional RF
capabilities for operating components that are tucked out of sight.

Olé 2XL

Based on ELAN’s patent-pending technology, the Olé2XL is a breakthrough
user interface that marries the magic and beauty of touch screen
technology, the simplicity of a keypad and the dynamic interaction of a
graphical organic LED (OLED) display to bring you a whole new way of
easily controlling your home theater system.

The Olé2XL offers customized control and feedback through its 2.1-inch
OLED display. Using a dedicated PC application, additional buttons,
with icons or text, can be arranged on the display to provide more
control options such as multiple source select pages, numeric keypad
and DVD/DVR menu navigation. Out of the box, the Olé2XL provides “Now
Playing” information from the TGP-401’s display.

Key Features of the Sunfire TGP-401:

• The only A/V processor in the world that accepts Olé2XL F.I.T. keypads (Film Interactive Technology)

• The only A/V processor in the world with a VIA!migo iPod port. Allows
customer to connect their iPod (using optional VIA!migo dock) for
control, and song information feedback to the receiver and Olé2XL

• SIRIUS-ready for CD-quality satellite radio. See the song info
(artist, title, etc.) right on your TV screen, Olé2XL keypad and
receiver front panel

• Sleek cosmetics featuring 5/8-inch solid, brushed aluminum front panel with platinum medallion provides style with function

• Fully balanced design easily integrates with Sunfire TGA amplifiers. 12 volt triggered turn-on or signal sense

Will have to see if this is an upgrade in my future? LOL Nice thing is, no reason to change the amp. Unless I want to go 400 WPC.. Kinda insane already! 200 with La Scala's

OK, Calling ot to Klipsch Forum techno EXPERTS!! Talk me into it, or out of it? LOL

Long term will get a PS3, and maybe upgrade the 1080p projector in 1-2 years.. I swear the 7210 is STILL amazing for now..

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Bottom line...........if your presently happy with your 720 system, will you derive 2,850 MORE satisfaction by upgrading.?

I say, stay with your present setup, and see what else the market comes out with. The Technolgy changes are coming way to fast for Me now a days............Good Luck!

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Roger: I normally shy away from using the word "never", but after hearing your theater in its present state, I think I can safely say that something MONUMENTAL would have to come out of the audio industry first before anything could make your system sound any better than it does right now. Your system is so rich and well-balanced that I have to ask you the question: "WHY ON EARTH would you want to mess with the perfection that is currently your theater?" I cannot tell you enough just how impressed I was during our visit in June. You sir, indeed have a gem! Please be careful what you decide to change. I certainly am in no hurry to change the way mine sounds either. -Glenn

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From what I gather, the sound remains the same, so picky don't worry about that part. If you have 1080p display or will in the near future then that is something to consider. Are you needing or going to use the new features like the ipod and the f.i.t.? Another thing to consider. The front inputs can come in handy for those wih difficult access to the rear panel, cheaper av receivers have been doing this for years. Personally I prefer the old "monolith" or simple sleek look of past sunfires to the brushed aluminum interruptor, but then again, I haven't seen this unit in person either and maybe you have your electronics hidden from view. Indy, you were one who helped me into deciding on my TGIV and CG 200X7, thanks again btw. Also btw, how does an ugly dude like you get such a hot babe for a wife? [Y][:D]

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Oldtimer... For the theater, the 1080P thing is my (probably) future.. I have 3400 hours on my Infocus projector..and (it STILL looks fantastic!!!) one bulb to spare, too, for later??

Then and only then.. I will need/want the 1080P at a time I hope it is affordable, and maybe with the 120 refresh rates too?

As for my wife?? Yes, I am blessed. I have 2 wonderful cute kids too! [Y][:D][ip]

I have not seen the Sunfire 401 yet.. but I still love the sound of my TGIV. I want to stay with Sunfire if I can.

I want HDMI through it is all...(Sound formats and Video switching!)

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IndyKlipschFan - came across this post since I am a Klipsch Dealer and
also a Sunfire dealer. The 401 series are now shipping which I thought
you might like to know. I have personally seen and listened to them
and they are nothing short of amazing. They just started shipping this
month. Let me know if you are ever looking for one.

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Sunfire dropped the 5 channel amp this year and is only doing 7 channel amps. Makes sense since this is the trend of home theaters now as well as some blu-ray tracks that will have dedicated sound to the additional 2 channels.

Retail on the TGR-401 (AVR) is $4,000

Retail on the TGP-401 (pre-amp) is $3,500

Retail on the TGA-7401 (7 x 400w amp) is $4,450

Retail on the TGA-7201 (7 x 200w amp) is $3,250

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How would you compare this to the Integra 9.9, all this at 2,000 MSRP vs Sunfire 3,500 MSRP

Integra Debuts World's First AV Pre/Pro with ISFccc Video Calibration Capabilities, Plus Latest from THX, Audyssey

09/19/08 - The Integra DHC-9.9 Three-zone AV Preamplifier/Processor is
THX Ultra2 Plus certified, has ISFccc video calibration, HQV-Reon VX
video processing, 4 HDMI 1.3a repeaters, HD Radio, and the new THX
Loudness Plus, and Audyssey's new Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume.

(9/3/08) -- Integra, the leading manufacturer of home theater
components designed specifically for the custom installer, has
introduced the Integra DHC-9.9, the worlds first AV
preamplifier-processor to include Imaging Science Foundation's
Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc) which facilitate individual
image quality calibration of video source components while simplifying
system configurations.

The Integra DHC-9.9 is a
three-zone THX Ultra2 Plus certified AV preamplifier-processor. It
replaces the company's highly successful DTC-9.8, which was the first
pre-pro to include HDMI 1.3a repeaters and Silicon Optix' premium HQV
Reon-VX circuitry for upscaling and video processing. The new model
adds the powerful new audio processing capabilities of THX Loudness
Plus and Audyssey Dynamic EQ which both improve the home theater
experience when listening at moderate sound levels. It also adds
Audyssey's Dynamic Volume, which maintains consistent overall volume
levels regardless of changes in the source. For broadcast fans, the
DHC-9.9, has an HD Radio tuner, is Sirius and XM Satellite radio ready,
and offers XMHD Surround and THX Neural Surround.

Certified calibration technician with unrestricted access to the
DHC-9.9's ISFccc menus can achieve optimal image quality for each of
the video inputs. Previously, video calibration was usually limited to
one source, or required complex cabling and intricate remote control
macro programming to achieve a reasonably user friendly system. The use
of these calibration functions, especially with HDMI, will result in
simpler system configurations, reduced set-up time, and end-user
systems offering optimal video performance while retaining the
ease-of-use of HDMI switching. Up to three calibration settings, such
as day, night, or custom, can be stored for each source.

heart of the video circuitry is Silicon Optix' premium HQV Reon-VX
processing for studio-quality upscaling of all sources to 1080p over
HDMI, and also provides analog component video upscaling to 1080i. The
DHC-9.9 has four HDMI, three component video, and six S-Video/composite
inputs. There are two HDMI outputs to facilitate applications such as a
second monitor in the same room with a projector.

its THX Ultra2 Plus certification the DHC-9.9 is designed for use with
powerful external amplifiers in large rooms, and provides 7.1-channel
professional-grade balanced XLR outputs for connection to compatible
multichannel amplifiers. The new THX Loudness Plus feature improves the
experience of movies at lower volume levels. Because ambient sounds and
bass can be lost or perceived differently when the volume is lowered,
THX Loudness Plus automatically adjusts the front-to-back speaker level
and frequency balance to ensure that you experience all of the rich
details of movies when listening below reference level.

its predecessor, DHC-9.9 includes Audyssey's acclaimed MultEQ XT room
acoustics correction, the most powerful built-in solution available for
countering room distortion in dedicated home theaters. The system is
Audyssey MultEQ Pro compatible, allowing certified installers to take
this process to even higher levels of refinement. New for the DHC-9.9
is Audyssey Dynamic EQ, which provides real-time adjustment of surround
levels and equalization when listening at moderate sound levels. Also
new is Audyssey's Dynamic Volume, which detects and corrects for
undesired dramatic changes in volume level during program changes and
commercials, maintaining a consistent output level.

DHC-9.9 has three advanced TI AUREUS™ 32-bit DSP chips to provide
onboard decoding for every major format in use today, including the
latest high definition and lossless audio formats specified for the
Blu-Ray disc formats. The unit features an oversized Toroidal
transformer for the main power supply as well as separate transformers
for the audio and video circuitry. Each channel also employs premium
quality Burr Brown audio DAC's and Integra's VLSC (Vector Linear
Shaping Circuitry) for dynamic, low-distortion reproduction at all
output levels. The HDMI and AV inputs are assignable, as are three
optical/coaxial digital inputs, two-channel balanced XLR inputs, phono
and line-level analog inputs, and mutichannel inputs and pre-outs.

DHC-9.9 boasts exceptional multizone capabilities, including fixed and
variable line level outs with subwoofer for two additional zones. Zone
2 also includes both composite and HD-quality component video outputs,
as well as independent tone controls. Zone 2 and Zone 3 both include
balance controls as well as maximum and power-on volume settings.

Integra DHC-9.9 includes a comprehensive package of features
specifically tailored to the needs of custom installers, including an
Ethernet port for integration with network-based control systems. It
also includes bi-directional RS-232, RIHD (Remote Interactive over
HDMI) system control integration over HDMI, three programmable 12-volt
triggers, dual IR inputs, and three unique assignable IR code sets.
Lockable customized dealer settings can be independently stored for
easy recall, making it simple for installers to maintain complex

The DHC-9.9 includes a high quality AM/FM
radio tuner and built-in HD Radio reception capability. It is also
compatible with Satellite radio programming with connections for both
XM and Sirius antennas. It includes onboard Neural THX processing for
multichannel surround programming on XM HD and other Neural THX
sources. Finally, there are 40 presets for AM, FM, HD Radio, XM, or
Sirius stations.

The Integra DHC-9.9 is now available from Integra dealers with a suggested retail price of $2,000.

designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors,
amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the
needs of custom audio/video systems installers. System integration and
convergence technology protocols include RS-232, IR, and on-board
Ethernet for network connectivity and TCP/IP control. Integra has
access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over
60 years of audio engineering excellence.
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Well for price wise it's almost impossible to beat the new Integra 9.9 which is sweet avr. With the new audio codecs and the ISF controls those are two of quite a few features that the Sunfire doesn't offer. However, that doesn't less got nice the Sunfire receiver is. I haven't gotten a true answer out of Sunfire why they don't have the new chips for the new audio formats. They claim it's that they aren't happy with the chips yet, but yet there are high end avr's now using chips that do decode the new audio. Not to mention the HQV chip the Integra has.

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