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factory direct klipsch?


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I see some of the guys who made the pilgramage to Hope left with new speakers. I did not know you could buy klipsch "factory direct". Or were they puchased from a dealer and then just picked up at the factory?

I don't mean to be nosey, but as I am hoping to add a belle klipsch center and possibly two or three heresys for surround, I was just curious as to how the factory pickup came to be and what, if any were the uh..."financial considerations" involved.

This info might be useful when I present my case for making the next klipsch pilgramage to my spousal unit/financial advisor. ha biggrin.gif

-Blind Melon McCall

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I'm going to jump in on this right away so no false rumors get going. Although I was not the one that bought Heresy's on this trip, I was with the guy that did.

Klipsch does not sell factory direct. Period. They honor their dealer network and require you to purchase there. In this case, Ross bought the Heresy's from an authorized dealer, at a price he negotiated directly with the dealer. Klipsch was not involved in that transaction. Since few, if any, dealers stock Heresy's, the dealer simply had the factory hold them for pick up since Ross was going to be there anyway. So while Ross saved on shipping, he still paid sales tax since they weren't shipped out of state by the dealer. Kind of like buying a BMW through a dealer here and picking it up in Germany at the factory so you can drive it around Europe. In this case, the Heresy's made nice music in the motel in Hope. If only we could have hooked them to the radio in the van...

As further testimony to "no factory direct sales," we walked past several empty RS-3 cabinets that one member of the visiting party needed to replace a damaged one he had at home. Klipsch required him to purchase them directly from a dealer and wait for shipment, just like everyone else.

Even handed and fair to all.

In fact, I was hoping to find a factory outlet store where I could buy seconds smile.gif, but alas, none was to be found.

Go on the trip anyway - it's good for the soul.

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Thanks for the response even though it was none of my danged business anyway. That is kind of what I figured happened.

You know, I've wondered if klipsch had a factory outlet somewhere. I've been to the Bose outlet in Osage Beach, Missouri a number of times. (Where am I supposed to go while my wife drags the kids to all the clothing and shoe outlets?) If they ever open one up, I hope it's within driving distance. Although, I must say the prices at the Bose outlet did not seem all that great.

Thanks again for the info and enjoy 'dem horns! smile.gif



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Well... I'm "that guy."

Nothing nosey about asking! I actually tried to clarify the "no factory sales policy" in a pre-mecca post, just so there weren't any rumors. I bought the speakers through Sound Towne in Texarkana and arranged to pick up at the factory. As Doug pointed out, I had to pay sales taxes which I could have avoided had I had the speakers shipped. In fact, Sound Towne very tactfully pointed out that it would be cheaper for me to pay shipping than tax... they must have thought I was crazy. I didn't save any money this way - it was the whole spirit of the thing. And I'd do it all over again!


BTW - I was LOL about the Bose comments!

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