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RF3 trade up to the RF7s?

Gary W. Graley

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I am an owner of both the RF-3II and RF-7. I had the 3 series set and later on got 3 RF-7s. The sound difference is very big. I also noticed my RSW-15 blended in better. So, instead of selling or giveing my RF-3IIs away, I just use them as back speakers and use a speaker selector so I can choose either RS-3II or RF-3II as surrounds. This may give you an idea on what you want to do. Hope this helps.


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Gary, I felt simmilar at 1st but if you change to a warmer signal I think you will see a drastic difference. I chose Marantz but tested a NAD which also sounded very nice. I am looking at a Rotel 1080 or 1090 2 channel and a true pre-amp in the future. Seems like a lot of power but I think it will be a big upgrade from my Yamaha Receiver as a pre with Marantz amp.

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I would expect a drastic improvment between the RF-3IIs and RF-7s especially since I bought my RF-3IIs for $500 NIB from an authorized dealer.

As far as I know the best that same dealer can do on the RF-7s is about $1850 + tx so $2000 or about 4X the cost of my RF-3IIs!

I like the RF-3IIs and being that I have been in this hobby a long time already and have filtered thru too many speakers to list over the course of many years I already know that no speaker is perfect and no speaker will ever be the "last pair".

That being said , since I have only had the RF-3IIs for a short time , it will be at least a few years before I upgrade again unless I found a killer deal on some RF-7s.

If I did happen to find such a deal I would move the RF-3IIs and RC-3II to the rear 3 channels and have the RF-7s and RC-7 up front.

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