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Could someone please help with speaker selection


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Can I use SB-3 Synergy series bookshelf speakers with the Reference series center channel RC-3 II? I wan't to use this for home theater(movies and music DVDs).

I like the sound of the RC-3 II center better than the SC-1 for the Synergy series. I would by the full set of Reference series but I am on somewhat of a limited budget.

I would also like to the Synergy series SS.5 or SS-1 surround speakers.

Would the SS.5 match up well since the SS-1's seem large for the room?

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Having listened to both the RC-3II and the SC-1 with the SB1,2,& 3 I would also pick the RC-3II. I don't think that the SC-1 sounded bad at all, I just liked the RC-3II better and it did sound good with the SB-3.

I ended up buying a KLF-C7 because I was able to find some KLF-30's. UPS delived the C7 and one 30 yesterday. I hooked up the C7 with my Heresy's as fronts and watch Tomb Raider last night. Wow...I am getting antzy for the 30's.

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if you plan on keeping your existing setup for a long time, then it would be a tough call: either go with the better-sounding center and bear the tonal mismatch, or go for the matching center, but bear with a lesser sound??

if you do plan to upgrade in a relatively short time, howeve, then I wouldn't even ask myself the question, and would definitely go for the RC-3II. i would follow the same argument for the rears, however, I would probably try to save money and buy lesser speakers out back, and spend the extra money on better fronts.

but that's just me.

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pbocci - Here's a thought. How much, in total, would the SB-3s and the RC-3 cost you? (I'm assuming you haven't already bought the SB-3s, or that you could return them.) My thought is that among those 3 speakers, you might have enough for 2 RB-3s or even a pair of RB-5 (not the II models) on clearance. Skip the center for now and use a phantom center (your receiver will create a center effect using the front speakers). That will give you a perfect center match, 2 nice speakers for stereo music (the SB-3s are nice, too, just not as nice as the RB-3/5), and a perfect match for the RC-3 when you buy it later.

As for the rears, how big is your room? I have SS-1s in a 10x11 room and I'd like to upgrade to RS-3s to better match my fronts.



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I second what dougdrake said, especially if you're moslty watching movies alone, or if the people you're watching them with don't really care about sound.

a phantom center channel will replace pretty efficiently the real deal when you can be in the sweet spot all the time, especially if your room isn't too big.

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For concert DVDs I defeat my RC3 and just listen to the RB5s to compare sometimes. The phantom suggestion is a good one.

I have moved my KSB 3.1 pair to the rear when I bought my RB5s 2 years ago. The RB5 is a speaker worth waiting for over the "SB series if you can afford it.

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