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Can you suggest an amp, mono or otherwise, under $500?


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I was looking at the exact same combo (3802 + ref) and I am probably going to add a POA5200 by Denon. Don'T know whether it's in your price range, but it seems to be a product of excellent quality, with the same signature Denon sound, which works so well with Klipsch.

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Thanks to all of you for responding!

I have a Denon 3802, driving Klipsch RB-5s, RC-3 center, KSW12 subwoofer, etc.

I have pretty much narrowed it down to these two monoblocks: the nOrh Le Amp vs Marantz MA-6100

The Marantz puts out 125 watts into 8 ohms.

The nOrh is rated at 100 watts. I know that information by itself is pretty meaningless.

People who have them, really seem to love the nOrh.

I haven't heard as much about the Marantz.

I hate to say it, but in my personal opinion, the nOrh looks kind of silly. It has a big silver face plate that makes it look like a toaster, and blobby fat silver feet, while the Marantz would fit in a lot better with my all black HT setup...Maybe I could hide the nOrh, I don't know.

In the end, sound should of course be the deciding factor...

So--if you have heard either of these, please give me your opinion! And, even if you HAVEN'T heard them, but think you have something of value to add, well, I'll listen to you too...

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I auditioned the Marantz mono blocks once. They are truely amazing. They were being played through some top line NHT so I can't vouch for the Klipsch sound. If i had the money to spend on them I would have bought them. There was a really nice article in Home Theater Technology. The article was called THX light done right. Or something like that. Anyway they did a <$11000 THX home theater. Marantz mono block, AMC pre-amp, Da-Lite screen, Atlantic Technology speakers. It was a very nice system.

Sorry at the time it was the MA-500. But they are the same thing. They are on ebay for less than $150.


Come on honey why can't I spend some more money?

Home Theater

Car Audio

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