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Large value capacitors for AR9 AR9LSI AR90


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A little help needed here.

I picked up 3 pairs of Large AR speakers at a local auction wednesday morning. These include the AR9, AR9LSI, and AR90. (I also bought about 150 pieces of new, used, and NOS ES Sony Hi-Fi gear. Amps, pre, tuners, TTs, etc.)

These came out of an estate of the owner of a Sony Retail Store and the deceased had purchased all new drivers for all these speakers.

I noticed when replacing drivers and doing a couple of refoams that the capacitors on the AR90's are 350 uF, 80uF, and a couple of "normal" sizes.

Does anyone know of a quality capacitor that won't break my wallet in restoring these old beauties?

My normal contacts are very expensive and I'm not sure about computer grade caps for these.


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Harry, I imagine they are electrolytics? When you get into those sizes you're better off just staying with electrolytics -- polyester/mylar and polypropylene caps are just going to take up too much room to be of practical use. Partsexpress has a nice selection of electrolytics for speakers, I would probably use those. BTW, you can bypass them with a small value film type which smooths and opens up the sound a bit in the HF sections, but I wouldn't bother unless they are in series with the tweeter or midrange driver.

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