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HT 7.1 set up--Heresy II's--now what?


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Originally posted by Scubadj:

I am having the same speaker dilemma. I am set with Cornwall fronts and C-7 front center. I bought a pair a Heresys for the surrounds. Now I've ordered the new Outlaw 7.1 processor and am looking for the other two speakers. Another set of Heresys is out - too big. Was thinking about RS-7 or RCW-5 in-walls. After reading HornEd's post that the rears are the least critical for the time being, any advice on how to arrange the remaining 4 speakers? Should I use the Heresys for the sides or the rears? I'm almost to the wiring stages in my room and any advice is appreciated.

Hey Scuba

Keep me posted on your progress---I'm going to take the advice and go with HeresyII's for my new CTR and pick up a pair for the side surrounds (adding to my existing pair of Heresy II mains)thus will end up with an odd single Heresy (assuming I can't find just one to buy for the CTR))-At the same time---(taking the board's advice I will go out and find another C7 center to add the the new one I have coming in from EBay and use that pair for the rears---(vs the new C7 CTR as previously planned)--So, depending on your final config---maybe we have some common ground to help each other out of our odd singles. I am going to end up with one Heresy II and at the same time---be in the market for another C7 (need in medium oak)If you were thinking of a HeresyII for a CTR (thus freeing up your C7) then I could move my extra Heresy to you and your extra C7 to me and we'd both have what we want to end up with. I have about $320 in the C7 coming in and I think a pair of HeresyII's in new conditioin can be had for around $600---Let me knokw if this makes any sense as you get toward your final config

Tks Dave S

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HornEd - thanks for the update. If you are ever in Greece again I expect you to contact me - one wirlwind tour of audiophile homes on offer (everything from KLF30 based home cinemas - with CRT projection onto a wide screen about 8ft by 5 - I think), my system, Forte stereo setup, Home system based on KSF300 (? - the big ones with the built in subs), plus a system using either KHorns or quad 989's - depending on the owners mood.

Dsommmer - lots of questions - I'll try to help..

First off, the bad news. The best tonal match to Heresy's are other speakers in the Heritage range. The problem is that the Heresy is the baby of that range so they dont come smaller. The only horn loaded bookshelf's I have experienced that might even come close to your rear channel requirement (Forward facing ports) is the KSB 3.1 which I used to have). The problem is that it is no match for the Heresy's at the front and tends to disappear during play (I sold mine because of it). The RB5's rear port will be a problem if too close to the wall.

AS for the centre channel - Yes a Heresy is an excellent choice but I would steer away from laying it on its side. Side mounting Heresy's only works in pairs (my mains are set up that way). A single Heresy on its side will produce some fairly strange shifting of dialogue acording to the depth of the voice that is speaking. If you go the Heresy route you will have to mount it standing up - if not below the TV - how about above it, on a bracket - angled down to your listening position.

If you put Heresy's at the sides (do you really need 7.1??) you will need some fairly impressive rears to avoid them disappearing altogether. If this setup is going to be for movies only I would suggest going for bipolar rears mounted slightly behind the listening position, high up (THX standard layout). I dont know enough about side speaker characteristics to help much, but my advice would be to go 5.1 and add 7.1 later, if you really feel you need it.

Also, with all these speakers going you will put some strain on your amp. Did you tell us what it was? Hope it is one of the larger Denon or Yamaha's or equivalent - with a real big power supply and some serious heat dissipation....

God, dont I rabbit on sometimes!


2 * Heresy 2 (mains)

2 * Homemade horn speakers (rears)

1 * REL Strata 3 sub

Accuphase E211 amp.

Tube monoblocks with separate pre-amp (solid state).

Marantz CD6000 player

Sony NS900 SACD/DVD player

Stax Headphones

Humax 5400 digital satellite receiver

Sharp Video

32" Sony flat screen 16:9 TV

Mogami interconnects

Silver Synergistic speaker cable

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Thanks for the offer - I'll keep it in mind. Looks like we are trying for somewhat the same arrangement.


Thanks for the input. Heresys are definitely to large for the sides. That's why I was thinking of some type of wall mounted speakers for the sides. I will probably look for a pair of RS-7 or RCW-5.

Thought: I could divorce the wife and have Cornwalls all around (LOL)...........naaaa

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Max G

How about a pair of C-7 (CTRS) for the rears? THey could fit and I already own one---would only need to buy one more---

Am using the new Pioneer VSX 49TX--THX AVR---believe it's 130w per channel----will all the Heresey's and C7's employed in the back--over stress it? do you think?

I'm not locked into all Heresey's was just going along with H-Ed and the others suggesting same "all around"

RIght now---all I have are a pair of HereseyII's I'd like to use a front mains and a C7 Ctr---what would be better or best for the sides and rears??

Should add that the rear spkrs will be 7 feet from the sweet spot vs 13's each for L and R side surrounds, perhaps this would help balance the proposed Heresey sides with the needed smaller rears---what do you think?-----

TKs Dave S

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