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Athens High End Show - 2008


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It that time of year again folks - and this year it was bigger and badder than ever.

Lots and lots of photos on line all over the place. You can see my contributions either at http://aca.gr/forum/viewtopic.php?p=23733#23733 (high speed connection really required) or direct from my Photobucket account at http://s246.photobucket.com/albums/gg86/max-greece/high%20end%20show%202008/ - where you can choose which photos you want to see form the thumbnails.

For Klipsch fans the new Palladium range was there - but it wasnt really flourishing in a small room. Stand out setup of the show was the all new Grand Utopia in a nice little system something around $600,000. Funny thing - I listened to it for quite some time - its worth it!!! For me it completely redefined what is possible in home audio.

Oh - and take a look at the REF Muono or whatever they call it (if you dont know which one it is - look for the female silver surfer and you have it). Most stunning beautiful speaker probably ever - I would want it just to put in the living room - sound was nothing special.

The large stack of very square amps (of which I have forgotten the name) were driving the large Sonus Faber's in the second best sound in the show (second by a large margin - but still magnificent). First time I ever hard Sonus that were not half a second behind the music. Finally there is a way to make them run rather than walk everything.

Now for those that cannot be bother to follow the links:

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