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    • Great work. Where did you get the plans for the Woofer and mid/high boxes? I want to build a set and your are the best looking ones I’ve seen so far I want to use the ALK Universal crossovers Dollar for dollar Klipsch has no equals Name one other speaker company that can build a speaker and keep working like new after 45 plus years of service. Answer NO ONE !!!!!!
    • Wider sweet spot is obtained by crossing in front of you.
    • I was using about a 30 degree toe-in angle with my JubScala IIs, but I found that the sweet spot was very narrow, to the point that moving my head even a very few inches to one side or the other caused the stereo image to break, so the sound would seem to be coming from the nearest speaker only.  Last week, I reduced the toe-in angle of the tweeters by 10 degrees or so, and the sweet spot became quite a bit wider.  I’m going to experiment further, until I find the optimum position for my use.
    • Careful... it's not even a slippery slope... it's very steep.
    • 8 AWG Mil Spec wire.   Well, I needed at least 2 feet - for the KT88 amp's  " to-be-redone " central ground bus.    Somehow, I made low offers to two eBay sellers, and ended up with 50 feet in one auction, plus 93 feet in another auction, just this Saturday night.   Goodness, 143 feet ...am awash in that 8 gauge now.  Will need to A-B the " trio" of this Mil Spec silver wire ( 12+12+14 equals 8 ) , versus one run of 8 AWG.    I've been informed this evening, also, that a single run of 12 AWG Mil Spec, all alone, sounds very nice as a speaker lead.  Two Bob Fulton lengths as speaker cables, 57 1/8th inches times two is 114 1/4 inches, or 9.52 feet, each distance.
    • Yamaha AVR amp sections are pretty anemic, unless you are planning on also running external amps I would look at Denon or Marantz for the same money.     Tim
    • I’ve had Yamaha receivers since 1974, so I’m a bit biased.  However, since going to surround sound, the Yamaha AV receivers have worked out well for me.  The first one was a 2005 RX-V750, and the current one is a 2016 RX-A2060.  The 3080 would have been nice, but up here the price difference is $800, and the small improvements in the 3080 weren’t worth that much to me. With just a $300 difference, they might be worth it to you.   The 2080 should serve you well, and it’s a higher grade machine than the cheaper models, so the sound will be a bit better, particularly due to the Sabre ESS DACs.  So far, my Yamaha AVRs have powered Heresys, La Scalas, and La Scala IIs, and have always sounded good.
    • From the Monkeys, to Tull’s Passion Play, to life long love of The Floyd.   I’m dying to discover the next heirloom.
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