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  1. This is quite different than the 'White Paper' version. Must be the latest 'revision'. White paper also had a 4 ohm "High Output" Are there any schematics for the ES7500 floating out there? I wish to take the time to say THANK YOU to ALK for sharing and posting these once upon a time. His work lives on even in his absence. I certainly appreciated his past efforts and knowledge sharing. Thank you Al. 😉
  2. Just for S&G's here is a link you may find interesting. I don't know Carl, and I have not duplicated any of his work, so don't shoot the messenger. Some of this thread should look quite familiar to many of you. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/la-seos.1458686/ Carl Huff's conclusion on page 5: Note that the horn is now more controlled. The overall amplitude is flatter and that is something that I simply had not expected to happen. So the question that everybody wants to know the answer to is ... "Does the ported version sound any better than the unported version?" The answer is a qualified, "Yes" but the difference won't set your knickers on fire. the change is subtle. The bass sounds marginally fuller and the midbass sounds less 'crashy' for lack of better words. And finally, "Is it worth the effort to add the ports? " Again I say, "Yes", not because the bass is extended but because the midbass cleans up. Perhaps that is the improvement that people are hearing when they add volume and ports to the Klipsch La Scala. Both the ported and unported versions need to be supplemented by a subwoofer. So which is the better idea to improve an existing pair of Klipsch La Scalas, adding volume and ports or reducing the cabinet volume and leaving it sealed? I'd have to say reducing the volume as it is the easiest improvement and offers similar results. Adding volume and ports is major surgery with only a minor improvement over reducing the cab volume. So there you have it...😁
  3. Thanks! 👍 The direct comparison graph says a lot. I still want to hear it though.
  4. I don't want to hijack this thread, but one other alternative is the "manual' DSP method. I'd only need three additional Chi-Fi amps to cover R/C/L speakers by using the White 4400 Equalizers that I already own for each speaker. Yeah...I know it's not exactly the same...
  5. ...I tried some acoustic foam in the doghouse, it KILLS the punch. I'm not totally surprised that this may happen. I mean the frequency sweep captured by Carl Huff clearly shows the response being 'smoothed out' by lowering some peaks while raising some dips. Does the type of foam make a difference or is all that matters is the amount of volume displacement? I don't know. I've debated around and around in my head about going the DSP route. My challenge was/is needing at least nine amplifiers to run L/R and Center 3 way speakers. Then down the road if you upgrade your Home Theater amp, you'll need to find one that provides "pre-amp'" outputs to drive the other nine amplifiers being fed from the DSP unit. Another issue I couldn't address is the probable 'lip sync' that would occur after the signal passes from 'pre amp' to DSP, to amplifier, to speaker while using the home theater. At least this is one of my fears. Not having a DSP unit to test makes it hard to know for certain. In the end, as much as I like the idea of using DSP, using old school crossovers is probably going to be the best solution for me for listening to music and home theater. If I'm missing something, I'd love to be corrected before I lay out cash for more crossover components.
  6. I wish my 'repaired' amp had lasted 3 years. I couldn't justify throwing another $250 plus shipping (over $500 total between two repairs) only to have it blowing fuses again in another week. Don't get me wrong, using the OEM amp would be preferred, but for me, having been burned once, the risk vs. reward wasn't there. The Crowns usually go on sale around Christmas. 'B' stock units are $380 on fleaBay. The Rolls unit is $56. So, pay roughly $440 one time, or roll the dice, and get yours repaired for $250 plus shipping. The risk would be to end up like me and having to pay the $250, plus another $440 ($690 total) after the repaired amp fails and go the Crown route. Understand that I could be in the minority of having the OEM amp fail twice. Another issue is, after paying for the repair, even once, for that same cost you could get a new subwoofer. WOOT has Klipsch R-12SW 12" for $185. Yeah, it does not have the same spec's but...🙄 Muddster, it's a crap shoot either way, and neither option is cheap. How's your luck? There's also this possibility. Good luck!
  7. I plan on trying this soon, just for S&G's if nothing else. I mean it's one of those 5 minute (one hour) jobs. If it works, great... if not, well then it's reversible and the cost to try is less than $20. May even throw some sound deadener mat on the inside of the doghouse walls. (plan to lay it over some low tack shelf liner for easy removal) I just wish I had a decent microphone to take some accurate measurements. I'd welcome others to try and maybe compare notes. I'd have to recalculate the numbers, but I *think* that one piece of the Harbor Freight Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat set, and one of their kneeling pads (wedged between the magnet and the doghouse corner) will provide sufficient volume to reduce the doghouse by one third. I understand Carl Huff used a foam pillow, but the HF options are more convenient for me to try.
  8. DJK, and Carl Huff had some interesting observations and graphs in the post below on the subject. La Scala Mod Project Completed La Scala Mod Project Completed - Technical/Modifications - The Klipsch Audio Community Notably, "Clearly the Klipsch La Scala can be improved by reducing the volume of the sealed enclosure."
  9. Been there, done that. I had mine repaired and it promptly failed again a week later.😡 My solution... Get a Rolls MB15b Promatch 2-Way Stereo Converter, and a Crown XLS1502 Two-channel amplifier. You need the converter to bump up the "line in" signal to a "Pro" level to feed the Crown. (trust me on this). Set the Crown up in 'Bridge' mode, configure the DSP setting on the front panel, and you're pretty much done. Is the DSP as nice as what was built into the Klipsch Amp? Not even close, but the subwoofer itself works great! I also have more confidence in the Crown amp than the Klipsch (which have a dismal track record). BTW, the woofer inside the RT-12d has an 8 ohm impedance, so you can't just connect any 'plate' amp to it. Good luck!
  10. We are about 60 points, give or take, away from a support area in the DOW, and 20 +/- in the S&P. So far I have to give the past two rounds to the grizzly in this MMA bout. Man, has it been ugly...forget the Kung Fu fighting... the bear apparently has Freddy Krueger for a trainer.. It's been over 800 days since the market has had a 10% or greater cleansing. This might be just what the doctor ordered, but that's another 800 points away for the DOW. I hate colonoscopies.
  11. Yeah, that's me. I often think back to these words of prophecy http://wn.com/ross_perot_warning_the_giant_sucking_sound While, this doesn't directly apply to me...(then again maybe it does), but as a nation, I'd say it was dead on. Until there are jobs created in this Country, there is just no way this economy will stand up on its own w/o external support. Once jobs are created, the rest of the crap will take care of itself. jmho Coytee, I owe you a PM...it's coming
  12. I hope I'm not boring you guys with this. I want to make it clear that I'm not an expert, but wish to share items of possible concern. Todays pre-market is up, so we shall see how it closes. S&P 500 Rising wedge or Ascending triangle. There is a difference, though they look very similar. The rising wedge is bearish, while the ascending triangle is bullish, and generally has a much lower angle of attack. http://www.growthstockwire.com/2518/beware-of-the-bearish-rising-wedge Here is the S&P 500 chart. The redlines within the blue channel contain a possible rising wedge. Make no mistake, the charts are not a 100% guarantee that the market will follow past behavior, but as they say, history repeats itself. Here's a conundrum The Dow is still in it's Bull Flag channel, bouncing from side to side. The premarket is up, will it close up and break out of the channel? Will the S&P follow?
  13. I guess it depends upon what time in the business day you placed your order, and when their local Postal pick up time is, but I would think no more than three business days.
  14. What a crazy day in the market. Is it or isn't it.... http://thepatternsite.com/flags.html
  15. Speaking of options, here is an interesting article from one of the better know option guru's. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/monday-sell-off-is-a-warning-sign-2014-01-14?link=mw_story_kiosk The next few days should be very telling.
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