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  1. Hi all, A couple of quick comments/corrections. 1)the "chart" referenced for the Ultra excursion is simply a generic chart provided to customers to give them an idea of how excursion demands change as the extension setting on the subwoofer is lowered. The casual HT enthusiast doesn't often realize the trade offs involved. The current motor and suspension on the Ultra driver is good for (slightly)over an inch each way in linear travel. 2)instead of one manufacturer telling you a competitor's product measured XYZ...wouldn't it be best to look for INDEPENDENT data on the product? For example, we have somebody questioning the THD of our PCi models, yet when Tom Nousaine measured or 20-39cs/PCi...it hit 109.5dB from 25-63hz(average clean output capabilities from 25-63hz))...very,very few subwoofers at any price have exceeded that(and Nousaine has measured hundreds of subwoofers now). The Ultra series has had its THD measured by John Johnson and it was very, very low (hometheaterhifi.com)...although he doesn't use a test method that lends itself to easy comparisons between models. The $429 PB10 has been *extensively* tested/measured by Ed Mullen (hometheaterhifi.com) Again, very,very low distortion. In fact, in every (independent)distortion test SVS has been involved with...our products have measured exceptionally well. Is it possible one of our direct competitors got a used/second sample of a SVS product and it didn't measure as well? Sure...who knows what happens to any product after it has been shipped numerous times. Also, it is VERY EASY to design a test to make any product look less than stellar. For example, if you have one of our 25-31PC+ subwoofers...leave it in 25hz mode and measure the distortion at 20hz...or better yet...16hz.. Ed Mullen is reviewing subwoofer for the hometheaterhifi site now...and he includes a TON of objective test data. It would be *very* cool to see some of our competitors agree to send in their $400ish models to see how they compare to the SVS PB10 he just review? Talk is talk...let's see the data(from an independent source!). Tom V. SVS
  2. Hi Jack, I apologize for this whole fiasco. Clearly, there is some sort of breakdown in the communications chain as our techsupport inbox hasn't received anything from you. We'll have a new PB-1isd on the way to you on Monday...we'll pay for the return shipping on your current unit and we'll also discount you 10% off for all of your trouble to date. I apologize again. Also, if anyone has any SVS problems, (not being able to reach us)...please use the dedicated SVS forum at hometheaterspot. This will insure the quickest response from SVS. Tom V. SVS
  3. Thanks for the heads up, we have our network admin checking the whole system now. My apologies for anything I missed becuase of this! Tom V. SVS
  4. >>>I have called svs and the only person I get is Erik in sales, I have also tried their email address for tech support and have not gotten a reply, I tried that address twice before when looking for a sub recomendation and got no answer. I did get the recomendation from Erik but can't find a human for problems. This sub seems to be extremly well built and I am sure a correctly performing one is impressive, I just hate to get turned off on a company because of something other than product performance.<<< techsupport@svsubwoofers.com We answer 99% of emails within a few hours, 364 days a year. I'm not sure what email address you are trying, but I can assure you SVS techsupport hasn't received your emails. Please double check to make sure there aren't any typos. Thanks. Tom V. SVS
  5. Hi All, The *claim* of high distortion in SVS products is interesting to say the least. First, and most importantly, it should be noted that without full disclosure on the measurement method...any data is nearly meaningless. High? High compared to whata like priced product from another manufacturer? Which product, which manufacturer? When a competing manufacturer states... """....True, the 2nd & 3rd harmonics are very loud on the SVS which = distortion. On the klipsch products, we work very hard to keep the harmonics to as low a level as we can.""" I would expect, at the least, to see our product compared to a like priced product of theirs. And not just for a single frequency. (If you run a single frequency out of the intended operating bandwidth of the SVS... it will grossly exaggerates the distortion measurements...just like any other subwoofer). SVS has had its low distortion verified numerous times in the industry, Tom Nousaine has measured several Klipsch products and our own 20-39($429 passive, $599 powered) and our product compared *very* well. For example, compared to the $1800(msrp) rsw15the $599 SVS did have 2.5dB less clean output capabilitiesbut our model extended almost a full octave deeper (25hz vs 48hz) in Tom Nousaines huge room. And you can compare the Nousaine measurements on the SVS to other klipsch models he has measured tooI think SVS ranks *very* wellespecially compared to anything comparable in price. And I would invite everyone who wants more info to go to www.hometheaterhifi.com and see several of our models measured for distortion. For anyone to imply SVS = distortion is misleading to say the least. Lets see the same folks send a $550 product to www.hometheaterhifi.com and we can compare that to this review http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_4/svs-25-31-pci-subwoofer-12-2002.html ..distortion measurements and all.. Tom V. SVS
  6. >>>Next year is the year of SVS.Tom V. you will hear from me.<<< Hi Ears, long time no debating.. I think we'll have something more to your tastes in 2004... 4" stroke, over a kilowatt, parametric EQ...in a 13" cube? Nah...couldn't be... Tom V. SVS
  7. >>>Tom,Sure, we cant rely only on the Vd in order to know if a sub "A" will be better than a sub "B". I just wanted to point out how much air approximately that TC Sound 12" driver can move, just by curiousity For the distortion produced by each driver, we can see in the Adire website that the Tumult at 28mm of excursion one way produce 3% of THD (which is quite very low for today woofers IMHO) so we can say a "very" clean 4.2L of air displacement.<<< Just as Vel has servo, MK has push-pull, BW talks about the dimpled porting,ect...every manufacturer is going to point to something they consider a big deal and say this is the best thing since sliced bread.. You can reference several xbl 12-15" drivers that have been compared to other products using distortion limits and the xbl units have performed well, but nothing revolutionary. The latest is the big 15" unit...$1350 I think? Average SPL 25-62 Hz: 111.3 dB Maximum Output: 115.2 dB SPL @ 32 Hz 20hz...somthing like 93? for comparison...the 20-39cs($429 passive, $599 powered) SVS sent Nousaine almost 3 years ago now hit 109.5, 114.9 and 91 respectively...or it is about even to within 2dBs in all aspects. That is with a decent 12" driver with about 13-14mm of xmax (i'm guessing, we don't bother with dumax stuff much). Our unit also had a measured frequency response down to 25hz in TN's huge 7600 cu-ft room. The other units FR isn't made available for some reason? So the xbl unit is a very good performer, no doubt. But with a decent(by todays standards) 12" driver with maybe 14mm of xmax and a total cost at about 44%...being within a couple dBs with a strict distortion limit shows a non xbl driver can perform very well even with distortion limits in place. >>>But I just talk about air displacement, not subwoofer overall performance number. And now, what is the distortion produced by that TC sound woofer when it reach 42 mm of one way Xmax?<<< That will depend completely on the rest of the system it is bolted too. The quality of the enclosure(both design and construction), the amp, the porting/PRs, ect. Instead of looking at a manufacturer's marketing claim, it would be more accurate to look at the measured performance of the completed subwoofer by an independent professional in the field I would reckon? >>>Please, please, I dont want you to think that I bash this TC Sound woofer, this is the most awesome 12" woofer Ive seen "in action -] pictured"! A 18 incher with that much excursion would be GODLIKE!!!<<< Not at all firepinch...we aren't trying to say this will be the best thing since sliced bread or anything. It is just a *interesting* driver with interesting potential.. Tom V. SVS
  8. Hi smilin, I've actually tried calling and emailing you in the past couple of days with no response. Believe me, I definitely do want to work with you to optimize the B4+ in your room as best we can. Maybe I used the wrong email address? Frznin, I apologize for that! Whenever we don't return an email or a call, 99% of the time it is some glitch in the system(lost email going to SVS or back to the customer, the customer's email server blocks the email as spam, someone sends a fax that comes thru so poorly I can't read any contact info, or someone might take down your number and miss one digit). Sometimes, we do make an error and forget about a phone call or an email though...we are only human. Well...sub-humans I guess.. Believe me, nothing bothers us more than substandard customer service. Please email me at techsupport@svsubwoofers.com and I'll make sure everything is handled to your satisfaction. Tom V. SVS
  9. Re-displacement, first, judging performance solely on displacement is like saying car A has a 500 cu-in engine and car B has a 454 cu-in engine...so car A *must* be better. If you have two drivers and one has 4L of displacement and the other has 1L, yup...it is almost certain the subwoofer with 4L will extend lower and play cleaner(but still not 100% certain). But when you are talking about a driver that might have 3.5L compared to 4L...I wouldn't make many assumptions about which is going to work better based only on that. You can look at some of the distortion data that is available of the *big* displacement drivers now and see they aren't doing anything that much better than good drivers have been doing for years... Second, once you have the motor tweaked to your liking, and some other general parameters decided...you can use the motor in 15s and even 18s if you want. Figure 4" excursion in an 18" cone with the high profile surround if you are looking for maximum displacement potential of this motor. Third, TC Sounds is using the new high profile surround on this driver. This allows more excursion without using up near the cone area a conventional surround would use. Tom V. SVS
  10. That's about 4". We have two different proto-types being built now. We should have both to begin testing within 7-14 days. Tom V. SVS
  11. Hi guys, It isn't uncommon for me to recommend another brand of subwoofer if I think it will work better for a particular application. We sell *many* subwoofers/week to owners of horn/high eff speakers. Without knowing the complete context of one particular situation, I have no way of knowing why I recommended one subwoofer over another months ago. Tom V. SVS
  12. >>>Hey Tom, Would you be able to guess at how a Nousained PB2 Plus would do in the 25-63hz average based on the original 20-39CS you guys sent to him?<<< Nah, There is just way too many people making every best case assumption for what their products MIGHT do if Nousaine-d as it is. It is always..."this formula, or that theory, or I have this much Vd..."....blah,blah,blah....so I *know* my subwoofer would do this or do that. I can tell you how the PB-2+ does compared to the 20-39cs in MY tests...but I won't pretend that should be held as a parallel to what someone else might measure(using a different measuring environment, different mics, different software, different PC, different input signal ect). We have had one unit Nousained...the old(circa 2000) 20-39($479 passive and $599 powered). 91dB/20hz,105.8dB/25hz and 109.5dBs from 25-63hz....WITH in room extension to 25hz in TN's huge 7500 room.(where is the Nousaine measured FR curve on this unit?) That was with a little 12" driver that would be lucky to measure 14mm of xmax on a dumax machine(that is the machine some folks think is an absolute indicator of a subwoofer's future performance btw). Those seem like respectable numbers from a 3 year old unit @ $599.. And believe me, we wouldn't be turning down a chance to be in a big subwoofer showdown in SoundVision and have another model Nousaine-d someday! Heck, the rsw15 outguns it across the board in TN data and is about the same size and price?...I just don't see the big revolution in performance... Tom V. SVS
  13. >>>too bad he doesn't give retial prices and Frequency response curves,<<< Retail pricing is easy enough to find though, and it is always subject to changes. Remember, in published reviews...there can be many months between the manufacturer sending the product in for review and the review hitting the book stores. I do agree on the response curves. Nousaine does a complete set (usually both nearfield and in room) for each review. That is one very important advantage for actual published reviews(from Nousaine) imo. If a company just pays Tom Nousaine to measure the unit...they can pick and choose which info they want the public to see. If you have a product actually being reviewed...ALL the data is published right in the magazine for everyone to see...warts and all.. I don't see this new unit being such a big deal...about the same as the Klipsch rsw15 which you can get for $1200-1500 almost anywhere now right..and the rsw15 actually kicks it @20hz? Tom V. SVS
  14. Hi James, Please email me at techsupport@svsubwoofers.com over the weekend if you have time. We have a new model coming out that might suit you better. I just want to make sure you don't have any regrets a couple of weeks from now when the newer model is shipping.. TV
  15. The 25-31cs won't be tuned lower than 22hz, I probably estimated in room response in the 19hz range in our email exchange. Modern passive subwoofers almost always have their own dedicated amplification too, it just isn't an amplifier built into the enclosure. At the tuning point, the driver motion will be at a minimum. Tom V. SVS
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