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  1. Holy smokes!! Congrats! They'll definitely make you happy
  2. Ah just saw this. Was this in regards to the tarragon chicken? If so, I was under the weather that night and made baked potato soup in the slow cooker. I do have pics of that, in the process as well as plated if you'd like me to share =)
  3. I tried a new cab last night, called 'Freakshow.' One of the better ones I've tried, and easy on the wallet as well. However bought the bottle while at Mia Bella Trattoria last night, they thought $50 would be a good price for the bottle, and upon a google search it sells for $16 at our local liquor store ha. Ya live and you learn.
  4. That looks amazing Jeff!! What seasonings do you use? I usually WAG mine when I make a pot roast. And I do agree about the crockpot, even though it takes longer, the taste is so much more worth it.
  5. Are you using the slow cooker or oven? I wanted to do one this weekend, but our roasts here aren't on sale. I have some pork in the freezer that I can use to make a pork roast though. I'm excited to see how yours turns out!!
  6. I think the next thing I'll post is my chicken and tarragon cream sauce. I have to make it first though =P Its always a crowd pleaser, and also incorporates white wine =P
  7. More photos coming soon!!! Thanks guys!
  8. So here we go. The homemade enchiladas consisted of a whole chicken that was roasted in the crockpot overnight. I went ahead and pulled the chicken apart and stored it, then used the bones and carcass to make my own broth. Made my enchilada sauce (email me for the recipe) and of course rolled them in flour tortillas. I have my own version of a sour cream sauce, I have several that I've gained from my favorite mexican food restaurants, and I've influenced mine with their ideas and a few tweaks of my own. My sauce consists of sour cream, cream cheese, a tad of freshly grated parm, cumin, cayenne, s&p, and a bit of white wine.
  9. Jeff, I'll get those photos over in a few!! Thank you so much! David
  10. I don't want to sound like a d*** but I have the Galaxy sIII and the iPhone5, just took the pics on the droid, with no PC in the house, all Mac. I suppose I could MMS the pics to the iPhone? Or just email and upload them here. I think I'm thinking too much. Either way it smells amazing in here. I vote for the next Pilgrimage we have something like a potluck or something where everyone brings a dish
  11. I have a few posts I need to make, I have pictures of them all, my homemade enchiladas (which were a pain in the butt cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker), jalapeno poppers (I do them three ways, just cream cheese and bacon, cream cheese, shrimp and wrapped in bacon, or cream cheese, shrimp, chicken, wrapped and bacon and of course basted with BBQ sauce), and a special jambalaya I came up with. The pics are taken with my android though, and since I just got it, still trying to figure out how to get the pics to my Mac ha.
  12. I suppose I just like messing around with the 120's all the time. There's some songs that dig below 20hz that make the house want to fall apart, depending on their location, but also, if they're placed else where, it makes other songs sound completely amazing. I might need some help on this one haha
  13. Is that in a completely square room though? And how would one with an open concept area take that into consideration?
  14. To be honest I have not heard of them. I'm running a Sunfire pre with all Krell amplification. Tell me more!
  15. What are you running your 650's and 525's with? I started out with two at first as well, which was already beyond phenomenal, but went ahead and bought another pair.
  16. Especially when they're hauled up and down stairs
  17. I've tried this, and wasn't to impressed with that configuration. Might just be my taste though.
  18. I am running an Ultra2 7.4 system. I found it was better to stack them rather than place them side by side. The sound is sickening. I'm here if you want to know more!
  19. Looks amazing! I can't wait to do my first batch of chili this fall, and my first batch of potato soup!
  20. I received the Galaxy earlier today, I and truly impressed with it. The screen is gorgeous, and is so much lighter than the iPhone 4S. Overall I'm happy so far. As far as sending pictures on wifi, generally I only do that through iMessages.
  21. Excellent photos Gary and Jeff!!
  22. I know we can't always have this available, but even though I have unlimited, I still try to use Wifi as much as I can, probably because I worry too much about getting throttled or losing unlimited haha.
  23. Just curious... With an older plan where you're grandfathered in (as I am with my Verizon plan with unlimited data), if you buy a new 4G phone and have it activated does it work at 4G speeds? Or do they somehow limit you to the 3G speeds of your old grandfathered plan? It depends on what phone you're capable of. If it can do 4G, yes, you will have 4G speeds. On top of that, depending on what carrier, it might run off LTE. The trick is to never let them talk you into another data plan to lose your grandfathered unlimited data. On top of that, though, if they see you're using an abnormal amount of data, they might start "throttling" your data, to where its slower. Its somewhat rare that happens, but if you continuously watch Netflix on your phone or the like, and use over 5 GB a month, they'll start doing that.
  24. I have unlimited everything. It also helps that I was grandfathered in with a lot of my services, but it seems like I'll be a life time customer if it stays this way.
  25. I was able to get the Galaxy III s on my other line for free, and was sent a voucher for a new iPhone5. We did some rearranging on my plan, and with both phones, i'm paying $94/month. I guess it also helps when you tell them you're thinking about switching to another provider. They also waived my phone bill until next year, so that helps as well.
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