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  1. I was trying to find a nice pair of bookshelf speakers for two channel computer/office duty. I went through Paradigm Studio 20's, RB-75's, RB-5's and RB-5 ll's. The RB-5 ll's won the role after a lot of shoot outs. The RB-75's tweeter runs pretty hot IMO for two channel with no sub. The RB-5's were just better balanced and something about them is very smooth sounding.
  2. I had RB-5's, RB-5 ll's and RB-75's at the same time. For me, I preferred the RB-5's and RB-5 ll's. YMMV of course but the RB-5 was smoother and better balanced IMO. I'd like to find another pair actually.
  3. I actually preferred the RB-5's and RB-5 ll's over the RB-75's in near field listening. At one point I had RB-81 ll's, RB-5 ll's and RB-75's at the same time. I preferred the RB-5 ll's in my office for my computer system. Very nice speakers. You scored big time at $99!
  4. I agree, his high praise goes a long way. I haven't seen the new Godzilla yet but Looper is awesome. It has so much bass it can almost be overwhelming at times.
  5. So how do they sound? Are they everything you thought they'd be? They look amazing.
  6. Looks great! Your x-over work a few posts up looks excellent as well. Had you done much soldering before this? That is one part of this that has me a little nervous for my own build. I think you can order them already built for a small charge but at the same time it's nice to do things yourself and be proud of your work.
  7. That's awesome. Great job on these builds. I have been checking out the Fusion-15 for awhile now myself. I don't know if I can finish mine as nice as you did but I'm going to try.
  8. I can't believe the prices on used gear in your area, it's just mind blowing.
  9. Yeah I have been looking at DIY projects myself. I see people gushing over the Joseph Audio Perspectives and how they are the best audio they have ever heard and they run 13k a pair. They run all SEAS drivers from the Excel line. You can build your own box with those drivers for a fraction of the cost from madisound. The tweeters are $291 and the woofers are $262.00. I want to build a speaker using ScanSpeak drivers myself.
  10. I haven't stopped by this thread for awhile, wow. This is going to look amazing!
  11. Emotiva gear has positives and negatives. Positives: It is good looking gear that is affordable and it is well designed for the most part. I used to be a huge supporter of them and owned almost everything they produced at one point. Great bang for the buck or so I thought. They do have the best customer service in the industry though so your problem will be resolved. Negatives: They are cheaply built in China. Some things about them are built like tanks but the small parts are cheap and you will have failures. Almost everything I own from them has had a failure or two. My ERC CD player would stop playing after a few hours of use, had to be sent in. My XPA-2 lost a channel more than once and I had to ship it back for repairs. My XPA-5 lost several channels as well that had to be sent in. One of my UMC's had to be sent in. My USP had to be sent in. After sending in 80+ lb amps 4-5 times as well as CD players, pre-amps and processors it starts to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Yes the gear looks cool and sounds fine when working but the failures are a testament to being cheaply built. I have Harman Kardon AVR's running strong from the 80's that have never had a failure. That's over 30 years of use and still going strong. I run an HK AVR 325 I've ran non stop since 2002 or so and have never had a problem with it either. That being said it's still nice looking and sounding gear and the cheapest entry into separates backed by very strong customer service.
  12. This is the complete opposite of my experience. I have owned RF-7's since 2002 and have spent quite a bit of time with the RF-7 II. I have not heard the Palladium P-37F but I have listened to the P-38F a lot and it is in a different league IMHO. Like everything in this hobby though, YMMV.
  13. As far as the bookshelf speakers go, I found that I liked the RB-5 II better than the RB-75 and the RB-81 II. IMHO the RB-5 and RB-5 II is an amazing bookshelf speaker that can be had on the used market for a very good price making it the best bang for the buck bargain out there.
  14. Amazing, those SH50's are just out of this world.
  15. Nice, I've never heard White Snake's acoustic version of that song before, it's really good. I'll have to add that to my collection. The RF-7 II's sound great btw.hey vital is your YouTube vitalYFZ? Yes it is, how'd you know that? I don't think I have any vids up right now, need to do that.
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