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  1. Well dam I just switched from UPS to FedEX because of shipping problems and units arriving broken and boxes partially crushed. The last two times I shipped there were problems and they are the hardest to collect from or at least for me. What other shipping options are there? I was thinking that perhaps next day delivery would be an option as travel time is reduced? Shipping is the only thing I don't like about buying items off of audiogon.
  2. OK sorta of topic but funny. My nephew was watching the beverly hillbillies(episode Jethro's Pad) so I noticed Jethro was trying to be an internatial jetset playboy and one of the requirements for this status was a hi-fi system to help put women in the mood. I wouldn't usually notice but he had tube monoblocks and even a tube preamp. The tubes he was using were very bright and I was hoping to see soem khorns but no such luck. The only problem I could see with Jethros plan was that he was using a turntable per channel so it would be stereo to blast women into the mood...I can't believe I haven't tried this.. So how many of you have success put women in the mood with your systems and are we that much closer to being international playboys? LOL
  3. seti

    room size ?

    I simply had no idea room size mattered so much. Thanks for all the input perhaps i'll just tear down one of the walls and extend the room. So what are the magic deminsions for a room to house a pair of belles anyhow?
  4. seti

    room size ?

    Wow thanks for all the advice. It is a little over my head so I should start to read the f*ing manual. lol.... I went back and actually measured the ceilings for myself and only one room in the house has 15ft ceilings and that is the kitchen lol no klipsch there. The other rooms are 12ft ceilings. I'll check out the modecalc. I have an attic that could be converted to living space but i bet the slanted ceilings wouldn't help..... Thanks again!
  5. Wow I can't believe the Sophia's are built like that and I almost bought a sophia integrated off of audiogon months ago. I wish I had a high-end audio shop I where live that would let me carry gear home to try out. What other gear do they have that you could take home? If I had the opportunity you do I would definately take advantage of it but at least I have audiogon. Goodluck....
  6. seti

    room size ?

    I have never really thought about room size or dimensions as important to my audio system but from what I have read in these forums some of you consider it to be one of the most important factors. It is not a home theatre just a 2way system belles with 300b 8wpc set. I just purchased a home and have 3 different rooms that I could turn into an audio room. Which of these should I choose and they all have 15ft ceilings? 13 x 8 14 x 11 14 x 14 Thanks, Seti
  7. I think it's great when you find a new genre of music to love. I recently got sucked into old bluegrass and dare I say country music from the 30's hank sr etc. If you like emenem you should listen to the beastie boys if you haven't already "check your head" and their latest album "to the 5 boroughs". I listened to these two albums excessively last night. My poor neighbors they were so sad when they saw me bringing the belle's into the house several months ago : )
  8. I will definately check out these sites for tubes. I would be more than happy to give a review of this preamp in a couple months. Next on the list of things to buy a turntable and phonopre. So long and thanks for the advice!
  9. Thanks Just found his website. I'll send him an email and ask. I was wanting to try some tube rolling just for fun and to see what the differences are or if i could tell a difference from tube to tube. I'll pick up some sylvania's and a couple other 6sn7's that are recommended. Thanks for the advice!
  10. I just purchased a Wright Sound Preamp WLA12A without tubes. http://www.wright-sound.com/specs/1 The question is which tubes should I buy and from whom because there are so many to choose from. The tube compliment is 2 x 6SN7, 1 x 6EM7, and 1 x 6X5. I am somewhat familiar with the 6sn7's but not the latter two. What tubes would k-forum readers recommend? Any advice much appreciated!
  11. I have never heard of the stamped serial numbers excellent. I have seen a coupl crossovers for the klipsch but I was leary of non-klipsch products but the oil caps upgrades seems resonable. Thanks!
  12. Interesting are you using the QC-24 preamp? I noticed that the only preamps that use the 6111WA tube are from quad & audionote. Since Andy Grove redisgned the quads I guess this isn't just a coincidence. I am considering the QC-24 as a preamp but I would wait for one with a phonostage which is in the works right now. Thanks for the advice!
  13. I have owned my Belles for about 8 months now and I am very pleased. However, I do not know when they were built as the serial numbers were removed. It has the AA croassover and I was curious if anything on these speakers should be tweaked or upgraded? Are these better left untouched or are there must do upgrades or maintenance? Also, I have always wanted a pair of vintage quadII monoblocks and I was curious how forum members rate them? They were the first tube amps I ever listened to so I suppose it would be more of a nostalgic purchase more than anything. it was too long ago for me to remember exact details or compare to current system.
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