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  1. Both items sold. Big thank you to Bonzo. Could not have been easier to work with.
  2. Both items now sold. Big thanks to Bonzo. Transaction smoother than butter. Nad 160/270 Preamp / Amp combination. Smooth and powerful. I’ve used the pair for 3 years to drive Klipsch fote’s. They were used sparingly and never abused..It would be hard to find a cleaner pair. Asking $475 plus shipping for both. Will separate. This is my first time selling here but my feedback on Audiogon (wdrazek) and Ebay (wayne--o) is perfect. Thanks for looking.
  3. If there are no tears I think you are good to go, unless the cosmetics bother you.
  4. He wants $525 for the Heresy's. As I mentioned, they are k22-k53-k77. I thought the woofer was changed to k24 before the mid changed to k53 from what I've read around here. A pair of metal stands similar in height to the risers and a beat up pair of old woofers are included. The cabinet is stained medium oak and looks OK but kinda scratchy. All in all I was interested but the distance is like 400 miles and nicer looking H1 and H2's are available closer for less. But amazingly a great number of the available pairs are the 1.5's. More of them than 1's or 2's and they were only made for a short time.
  5. I'm guessing that the consecutive SN's are about matching veneers, no?
  6. Tell me more, Budman. Why only K55V's and why only consecutive SN's? This is a major move for me from forte's to Heresy's and I want to get it right.
  7. Thanks for all the replies.Great information. Why is it that the "1.5" does not get a lot of love here? I am thinking that the difference between it and the others is small but these seem to come up all the time and generally are not as well liked as the others. The deal is contingent on a long drive and a trade for my NAD separates which I am very fond of. I'd really like to know if I'd be making a mistake not holding off for either 1's or 2's.
  8. I'm just confused a little confused it says HBR. I thought that 1985 was the start of the H2. Anyhow, how different do these models sound? I am downsizing from forte's which I adore because the large living room is about to become a much smaller living room soon. And fortunately I do have a trusty Sunfire sub for that missing bass. Those forte's with Crites caps and ti tweeter diaphragms will be up on the block soon, btw.
  9. Thanks, Budman. That part I knew. Kind of a shame they're stained like a medium walnut color. Just heard they have k22, k53k, k77 and an E2 crossover. That makes them 1.5 I think. Just a fluke they have an 85 serial number. Next question: how different do these sound from the 1 and 11 really?
  10. Hi, I may be trading for a pair of Heresy's on CL. However, I want to know exactly what these things are. The S/N's, while not consecutive, both begin with 8551 indicating a 1985 build date. That should make them Heresy 2's. However, the tags clearly state "HBR", not "HBR2." Any ideas on these mystery speakers? Wayne
  11. First time selling here, and will post pics in the next 24 hours. I've owned the rears for about 3 years and the fronts for about 1 year. I previously owned a set of RVX 42's and traded them for Gallo Micro ti's but was ultimately unsatisfied with them and went back to the RVX's. Lesson learned. Anyway, these are great for HT and pretty decent for music, but no match for my forte's. And yes you can definitely crank them if you need to do that. I am the second owner of all five speakers. Here are the specs: Set of 3 Klipsch RVX 42 LCR speakers. Klipsch reference line, retail $500 each. Dual 4” cerametallic woofers, one 1” titanium dome driver with round tractix horn. Extruded aluminium cabinet, side firing bass ports. 24” x 5.75” x 4.5”. 92-20khz +/-3db. 94 db sensitivity. 75 watts continuous power handing, 300 watts peak. 14lbs each. Pair of RSX5 rear surround speakers. Klipsch reference line, retail $500 each. One 5.25” cerametallic woofer, one 1” titanium dome compression driver. Extruded aluminium cabinet, rear firing bass port. 12.5” x 6.5” x 9”. 87-20khz +/-3db. 93 db sensitivity. 75 watts continuous power handing, 300 watts peak. 7 lbs each. All in very good condition, used with Pioneer Elite and Marantz AVR’s and never overdriven in a smoke free home. $600 or best offer for all, or will consider separating. Paypal preferred. Note: This is my first time putting items up here, but my feedback on the Audiogon system before they switched was perfect and my ebay rating is under wayne--o which is also perfect.
  12. +1. What he said. Go Heritage or Reference rather than the BB specials. The others are made to a higher standard. Your 40WPC is plenty for just about any Klipsch. Just don't overload a small room with giant speakers.
  13. That is a great quote from AE. As for the magazine and its writings, I grew beyond it around 15 years ago and never looked back. Everything they review is great, the more expensive the better, and the newer and more expensive the better yet. Got off their bus a while ago.
  14. Yeah, I figured that caps would be necessary. There is one authorized HK shop nearby but when I spoke to them they didn't sound dialed into the world of vintage. It takes a special passion, I think. My 35 year old Marantz 2226B still sounds pretty good but I know more is lurking under the surface.
  15. His current wait is 10 months. OUCH!! Must be in demand.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I will check into Terry. It's a name I've seen before, I'm sure. Don't know the cosmetics exactly yet, but I am not sure I'm comfortable making it "better than new" if that means new circuits, cap values and the like. Once a long time ago, I rebuilt a Dynaco PAS preamplifier and it was way better but I am worried that what everyone loves about the vintage HK could be lost.
  17. Hi all, Have a chance to pick up a 730 at a good price this wknd. It has a walnut cabinet with some marks, the lights all seem to work and it is supposed to be in very good shape. While the price is right, I figure something this old probably needs rework. I am good with contact cleaners, but cap/ transistor/ etc. measurement and replacement are beyond my technical range. Are there things I should be aware of when I look at it? Also, is there anyone you all know who will be able to gently restore it to its original state without performing unneeded surgery? Thanks to all.
  18. I thought so too but they don't seem to be available at the same prices that an upper end Denon can be had for. Since I'm replacing a Pioneer Elite my first thought was to go there.
  19. I think it will have to be a 33xx or 43xx, depending on what I can find. The 43xx weighs a lot more and I've read elsewhere that it is built in Japan, the others built in China. Both favor the 43xx. Onkyo has too many detractors that say it is unreliable and/or no company support.
  20. Wow, the price on that 4310 looks like a typo. I hope it is still available at that price in a few weeks when I can write the check. If you are familiar with them, what besides wattage does that give me over a 310/3311? Thank you.
  21. Thanks for the advice on getting a BD player. I haven't played a disc in years but the access to those services are worth the price of admission, from the sound of it. I'll check them out.
  22. Sub $750 would be great but higher would work if justifiable.
  23. Well, during a recent heat spell my trusty 10 year old Pioneer Elite AVR finally went down. While it may be fixable, it's probably time to move on. I am running RVX42's across the front and RSX5's in the rear with a Sunfire sub. The display is a 50" Pioneer Elite plasma bought in 2005 just before prices began dropping like a lead balloon. In other words, I have at least a few more years to amortize the cost before moving into something newer. Not even sure it has HDMI. Most of the usage is TV/Video with some movies and some music. The only video source currently is a Dish satellite, but I do plan to investigate other options (Roku maybe) and other sources like Netflix, Hulu, and so forth. I am not an Apple guy. Although the room is pretty big, the Mrs. cannot tolerate anything above very moderate sound pressure levels, power output is much less important than sound quality. When I bought the last AVR, I got a great deal on a closeout model. I'll probably do that or pick up a 2-3 year old model. The bang for buck is so much better than brand new. Looking around, with the Audyssey MultiEQ, reputed sound quality and build quality. Denon is at the top of my list. While my last 3 AVR's have all been flagship models (Elite, Yamaha, Marantz), but economics are different now - I'm not single with lots of disposable income anymore. So, value is very important. On to my question... besides power that I will likely not need and features (multiple HDMI in/out, etc.) I won't be using, are there other compelling reasons to move up the line from the 2xxx to the 3xxx or 4xxx lines? I am thinking about things like build quality, sonic performance and/or ease of use. I don't have a hard budget so this is more about what do you get by moving further up the ladder.
  24. Sunfire True has worked brilliantly for me in music and HT modes. Only time it was questionable was with NHT zero's which hardly reach 100hz. Have used them with various Klipsch ref speakers since 2005 with great results.
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