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  1. I just put the TKD in the other day, and it has been a great upgrade; the sound has more detail and the pre-amp sounds very clean as well as more open with greater clarity. This has been a cheap upgrade to my system so far for about $68 shipped with results that are quite measurable and very pleasing to listen to .
  2. I am upgrading my cheap volume pot in my preamp to a TKD 2CP-2511. What differences in overall performance should I expect?
  3. I just picked up a Thorens TD110 for only $10! Does anyone else have one of these? How do you like its sound? (I am anticipating a new belt for it and haven't heard mine yet.)
  4. Jacksmusicfactory.com has one for $65 including shipping...the best price I've seen.
  5. I currently own a Dual 1219 and am considering a new cartridge...thinking about getting a Shure M97xE. Does anyone have any recommendations in my $75 price range that I should consider?
  6. Will I notice a difference in sonics by replacing my Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier tube with a Mullard 5AR4 in my Dynaco ST-70?
  7. Speaking of the 5AR4, mine just went in my Dynaco ST-70. What is the best replacement? I am thinking of a Mullard. Any suggestions? Does anyone have an extra to sell to this forum member, because I would rather deal here than eBay! Thanks! Andy
  8. I just ordered Verizon Fios: internet, phone, and cable. Has anyone made the switch to the this? What differences have you noticed in it compared to your former provider(s)? It seems to be a good value and offers some pretty good savings.
  9. Where does the sound come from these? They look very strange. Aren't there some missing parts? http://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/ele/352467801.html
  10. Does anyone have one of these? This seems like a good deal for a tube CD player...big savings off the regular price. http://www.pacificvalve.us/ShanlingT80.html
  11. I am using an upgraded Audcom AP100 preamp with some Bendix 6385 tubes. (This company is now out of business.)
  12. What Craig said. It is a Dynaco ST70, and I am waiting for some RCA cleartops.
  13. I am torn what to do and am thinking of a relatively cheap upgrade for my system. I can either get some Blue Jean or Zebra interconnects or some 12AU7 tubes for my amp. What are your thoughts?
  14. I snoozed and lost and was going to see them today. They were mine according to the seller for a $1000! BUT...before I could get there to see them (25 minutes away), I received an email which stated, "I just sold them. Good luck." NICE!
  15. Does anyone use these? From what I have read, they seem to compare to Bugle Boys, Mullards, and Telefunkens. I am thinking about getting some for my Dynaco ST-70 and am even considering Mullard CV4003's.
  16. I got the Tung sol 12AU7''s, and I already notice tighter bass as well as better stage presence and overall clarity. Also, they are very smooth sounding with a tamed upper register. Wow!
  17. How do these sound? I just got a trio of them..the gray-plated ones... off eBay for my Dynaco ST70. Thanks!
  18. The Pernice Brothers, Madelyn Peyroux, and James Morrison (not to be confused with Jim).
  19. I have the tube rolling bug, and I just thought I would throw this out there. I need three 12AU7's for my Dynaco ST-70. Anyone have any to trade for this fairly rare set of slightly used Northern Electric 396A's? They have about 20 hours on them and are a great substitute for tubes in some Shanling CD players. Thanks!
  20. Even though this may be considered by some as an entry level tube amp, I am quite impressed by the overall improvement that is being made in my system. I am looking forward to hearing something that is not "entry level" to compare it to. Honestly, I don't know how much better it is going to get.
  21. The tubes that are currently in my Dynaco are as follows: 3 JJ Tesla ECC81 1 Sovtek 5AR4 3 Mullard EL34 (Great Britain) matched with 1 Tung-sol EL34
  22. Back in March I asked this question with many responses and various opinions. So, here is mine. Well, I purchased a Dynaco ST-70 from joshnich that was rebuilt by Craig at Nosvalves, and I love the sound that I am getting and must say that I am very happy with my purchase. In contrast to my Sherbourn 7/2100A, it compares with the warmth of sound, musicality, and detail played along with my Denon DVD-2900 and my Audcom (now defunct) AP100. However, I must give the edge to the Dynaco. There seems to be more detail in the mids and highs, but the Sherbourn has a slightly tighter lower end. Since this is my first tube amp, I can only compare it to solid state, and must say that I enjoy the warm and clear sound that I am getting out of my Fortes. Not that I wasn't getting this sound out of my Sherbourn, but I notice a better stage presence from the Dynaco. Hence, I prefer listening to music with the Dynaco over my $3000 Sherbourn. Now I will reserve the Sherbourn for Home Theater surround sound and must also say that I understand what all the hype is about tubes and analog. (I am now a tube-a-holic and am looking forward to doing some tube-rolling in the Dynaco. Any suggestions?) As far as vinyl listening goes, my old Dual 1219 synergizes better with the Dynaco, also. Again, there is greater clarity and musicality that is being heard as well as a tempered and rounded upper register in most of my recordings, whether it be John Coltrane, Steely Dan, or an old Ronco album. I simply am enjoying my music more and feel like a little kid who just got a new bike. I like my solid state amp, but love my tube amp, but don't think either be leaving my system any time soon. (This is all just my humble opinion and is meant for entertainment purposes only.)
  23. I got the same response. They might have been but without risers.
  24. I just got a BBE for $35. Wow! Good-bye Behringer. I like how the BBE contours the highs, mids, and lows for each speaker...just subtle but still noticeable and very musical...definite keeper. (I think I will be saving money now...less tube rolling!!!)
  25. Has anyone had a chance to compare these two? I understand that the build quality and simplicity as well as the improvement in sound of the BBE is excellent.
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