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  1. I bought some made out of mdf from a guy on ebay. You just have to give him the inside and outside dimensions. I fiberglassed mine, they won't last long if they get wet if untreated. Mine have been in a year now with no problems. You could make your own out of a plastic cutting board(hdpe) if you are worried about water.

  2. It makes the picture look like mosaic blocks. It happens when the speed of motion in the picture requires more data than can be sent. I'm watching the Jags/Steelers game in sd and when they show the end zone shot while kicking extra points it is happening. It looks like what your picture looks like on satellite when it starts raining and messes the picture up. I guess it affects rptv's with the 981.

  3. I just received my 980, the 981 has macroblocking issues with my tv, a Sony KDS-50A3000, so I purchased the 980. The picture is outstanding. A friend of mine who has DirecTV HD thought it looked as good as HD to him. I won't get my HD hooked up until next week. It looks a lot better than my old dvd player did, which was a Denon.
    As far as sound goes. I think it sounds better than my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C, which I was happy with. I'm very happy with this purchase.

  4. I bought a Cambridge Audio azur 640C back at the end of December for $399 from AudioAdvisor and thought I was getting a great deal. That included shipping. Now I see they have them for 343.95(shipping not included). I really like mine. I would like to hear a Jolida though. But that's more expensive than the 640c.

  5. I saw these two ads in the Rapid City Journal---KLIPSCH Forte speakers,M65 Yamaha amp,C45 Yamaha preamp. $800 or best offer. Call 605-381-1646

    Klipsch speaker set. Work perfectly. 3 feet tall. Call 605-716-4077. $150 for set. (I called on these and they are KG4.5's. She said they are in perfect shape. While I was talking to her she said she had a petunia on one and had to wipe up some water, don't know if it stained it or not.

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