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  1. The Who is one of my favorites and Quadrophenia is my favorite from them. I used to have the album but thanks to an EX-girlfriend with a gambling problem I lost all of them. The cd doesn't seem as dynamic to me. I love listening to it nice and loud. Keith Moon's drumming blows me away. Think I'll have to watch the movie again one of these days.

  2. You can call 1-800-KLIPSCH for parts. I think it was 47 or 48 dollars for tweeter assembly. I asked for a tweeter diaphram and they said all they showed was a tweeter assembly. You should be able to contact BEC(Bob Crites) on the forum to get that tweeter diaphram.

  3. His is clear oak and the ebay one was oak oil. I bought the black one off ebay the day before for 480. I would have rather had oak but i thought it might go for more than I wanted to spend. When I saw the oak one went for 685 I felt like I won the lottery. Good luck finding one.

  4. Check out UBID. I got a yamaha rxv 650 for 299.00 with factory warranty. My quartets sound a lot better than with my previous two receivers, a sony that I had when I bought the quartets and a yamaha rxv670. They usually have some refurb Denons which I almost bought but the price was to good to pass up on the yamaha. Right now theres a marantz sr 8400 you might want to check out if it's not too late.

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