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  1. I'll settle for another stimulus check.
  2. Jeff Matthews


    Where should I send the check?
  3. Jeff Matthews


    Ok, Vlad. I'm on to you!
  4. Growing faster everyday. We now can add HP, Tesla and Oracle.
  5. Jeff Matthews


    Cones are better.
  6. Jeff Matthews


    Tubes trim the peaks.
  7. Jeff Matthews


    Tubes color the sound.
  8. Do they still celebrate Christmas in Hawaii? Or is just, "Happy Holidays?"
  9. Jeff Matthews


    I know this forum is full of Russians. I've known it for years.
  10. I realize the vaccine is probably safe and will be a good thing. I'm one of those people who doesn't want to take any pharmaceuticals unless my health really depends on it. I don't get the flu vaccine, either. One time, I did, and I got the flu.
  11. ... stupid, stupid, stupid! (just in case you haven't noticed the many recent threads pointing this out)
  12. That'll teach you not to talk about Seal and Molson in this forum!
  13. Not everyone does that. Ignore posts you don't like.
  14. Somebody start a new PM, and this time... no wussing out! Zen, I nominate you.
  15. The lawyer in me says... If you intend to "take care" of each other upon death, you should get your estate-planning affairs in order, especially since you will not be married.
  16. Makes sense. Nothing wrong with that. You don't need the government's blessing to be in love.
  17. You mean like whether Obama was born in the US? Whether Hillary was aware of the intent of the Benghazi protesters? I don't recall tons of agreement on the facts.
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