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  1. Yes, also you can hear an ELP influence in some of their stuff. They can rock pretty hard, too! The video above is new to me, but I've listened to their Skyline album several times a few years back. It's a great album! The full album used to be on Youtube, but now it looks like you have to find each of the individual songs to listen to the whole thing. Here's the title track:
  2. An Italian progressive rock band. Not bad!
  3. That was interesting! Never heard of him.
  4. Yeah, she is a heckuva awesome bass player!
  5. The sit-in by Herbie Hancock was great!
  6. Wow! What a great opening collage! As one lady in the audience could be heard saying after the end... "Woo, baby!" What a great video! The only thing better would be 1080p+, but the music and musicians are great!
  7. Well, I didn't make it all the way through. Tracks 2 - 5 sounded the same. Going backward in time...
  8. This song was written by Aldo Nova - so similar to "Life is Just a Fantasy." I've heard this song many times. Now, I'm finally listening to the whole album.
  9. Looks like stoners didn't fare so well.
  10. Until seeing Dave Mason's cover above, I never knew BS & T's version was a cover. I always thought they wrote it. I've never seen this live performance before. I'm a big BS & T fan!
  11. They were really good! They had all the vocal parts down as well. They played pretty much every great song by the Eagles, plus a few songs by members from their solo careers. I can't think of a great song they missed.
  12. How it wound up as the #8 track, I'll never know. Perhaps they said somewhere...
  13. Who doesn't just love Freeway Jam?
  14. I don't have a sub, but I'm going to check it out. I'm actually getting ready to take out of here and go watch an Eagles tribute band play near me. I rarely go watch any live shows anymore, but I got an offer to go with my niece, her husband and her dad. They had a few extra tickets. All I have to do is pay for my food and enjoy the evening! And it's only 5 minutes from me. 🙂
  15. In the late 80's through the 90's, I had this on cassette and listened to it A LOT. It's been a long time since I listened to it like this. Maybe 20+ years. Now, I remember why I listened to it so much. I didn't have any other of his work, although I am sure I would know some of it. I need to listen to Wired, etc. to see.
  16. And all those great musicians whose names I've never known... I wonder why. I'm sure they've done great work elsewhere.
  17. Air Blower is so cool! Great jazz timing. Very even bars and transitions. Then, there's that slightly less-audible instrument that goes, "woogie woogie" in the background. That's pretty funky! Now up is Scatterbrain. I always loved the driving drum groove. What great licks on the high-hats. The drums make this song!
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