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  1. The House Judiciary Committee is expected to propose legislation allowing news outlets to unionize in order to hold-up their works and force the giants to pay for them. See here. It's an interesting topic. I don't know how material this is to Google's and Facebook's bottom lines, but it sounds like a lot money is in play.
  2. Here's an eye-opener... When's the last time you actually used currency? I know many of us are geezers, so I expect in this group, it's probably more recently than the younger generations. But seriously, I use my cash back credit card on everything. I use it to buy a $0.79 fountain drink at the gas station. Long gone are the days when people groaned when a person in front of them paid by credit card. Remember having to pull out the imprint machine and the carbon copy paper? The processing speed has improved so greatly that the guy in the front of the line counting currency is what now makes us groan. (Remember that, you old geezers who still pay with cash and count coins.) Currency? What's currency? If you still write checks, look at Zelle. There might be something better, so anyone feel free to chime in. Zelle is like Paypal without the charges. We are on the way to "free."
  3. "Seems high?" Who among us can say what it's supposed to be worth? Contrast this to Shu's post in the other thread, trying to equate dividend income to a stock's equity. These things are not even in the same ballpark. You can own GoPro for 20 years and watch its price soar and watch it crash, and as long as you sit and watch it, what did you ever get? Zip! At some point, if you don't realize anything from the stock, it proves to be worthless. Contrast that to a stock that pays 5+% dividends every year.
  4. Exactly! Who would risk that? I'm not leaving my money on a park bench, nor am I putting it where loss of a password forfeits my investment. By the way, all your statements are uneducated, too. Not you, of course. I'm just trying to help everyone else understand. Here's a straight-forward definition: Source.
  5. Nope. Not buying. People have made a bundle, but... It's not realized. Cash out. Then, you're a real winner. Still, there is no way I will ever put my money at permanent risk of loss due to losing a password. That has to be a nightmare to an estate's beneficiaries and heirs. In fact, I had a recent client find a receipt from Bitcoin Exchange and wonder how on earth they would ever get to the Bitcoin of her deceased husband. Fortunately for her, it was a scam email, and there was no Bitcoin. Good luck to those of you who trust it. I'm not saying you will ultimately lose. Just be very careful. Think of it like this. Unclaimed Bitcoin will grow over time as the result of people who are unfortunate enough to lose passwords. There will always be more people doing this, but by definition, they will not be making any more Bitcoin. Who wants to place bets on when Bitcoin degrades to a 100% unclaimed funds?
  6. I am told there's no backdoor if you lose your password. While people marvel at that, I consider it as a factor that would put a negative value on it. If my bank told me I would lose my account if I forgot my password, I would withdraw it all immediately.
  7. It would be the wildest thing if a fossil was found on Mars.
  8. Faith makes it real. As many investors have stated, it doesn't throw off any income. Your only hope is that the person after you will pay more than you did. Now that I have seen recent articles saying that JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are looking to get in on the game, I feel more than ever that tulip mania is definitely here. Who knows? I like income. If it doesn't produce income, I am not too interested. I like dividends and option income. I think Mr. Wonderful summed it up pretty well.
  9. I browsed quickly past all the generator talk and didn't see any mention of the recent trend in some type of solar power arrangement (contract, I suppose) which burdens homeowners at the time they want to sell their homes. About a month ago, a prospective client called me, complaining that the solar panel sales rep. said they could transfer the panels to another home should they decide to move. Now that they are moving, guess what? Literally a few hours ago, I helped a real estate broker client of mine draft a special provision in his client's earnest money contract regarding the necessity of the Buyer to qualify to assume the Seller's solar panel contract and providing Seller the right to terminate the contract if Buyer does not show proof of qualification within 10 days. I know nothing about solar panel arrangements and whether they are cost-effective or not. No opinion on that. Just be aware they are creating legal issues for some people.
  10. How do you know we will not have a surplus?
  11. I am wondering how long a motor like the one in the picture below could run on a coin-type 2032 battery. Here's the motor listing. Here's the battery. As far as load, it would be an object about the size and weight of a grape.
  12. I have the hardest time believing anyone is buying GME right now. If buyers were smart, there would be no sales, and the stock price would not move. I guess you could call it a "long pull." (I coined it first!)
  13. Yep. Take a position of authority, and you are an instant politician. Everybody has wants and demands. Only in your case, no pay and no benefits. It must be for the love of it.
  14. But the inevitable is death:
  15. He's been Irreverent.
  16. No use saying sorry. He's been a bad, bad boy.
  17. Really, there is no need to fear this happening again for a while. It was a suicide pact. Those don't happen a lot. AMC, etc. are just aftershocks from late-comers. Short-squeezing companies as large as AMC really isn't possible. I have no idea what those poor kids are thinking.
  18. I can't imagine who would want to buy at this point, but we'll see.
  19. He's been duly departed.
  20. The Gamestop kids were in it together as they drove it up, but now that it's over, they abandon their loyalty to the group as they bail for the last of the cash.
  21. Crude is at its highest since Jan. 2020, and almost every major world stock index future is up. Tomorrow will be interesting... maybe.
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