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  1. 10 hours ago, cz606 said:

    I also use the Tidal/Roon combo and am a fan. When away from my home stereo and using the app, I echo others’ sentiment that I really like Tidal but think they could improve the app. 

    Welcome to the forum cz606🙂

  2. 3 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Yep and that's my mom's baby brother that moved stuff and I can't believe with the size of his small trailer and the back of his longbed got all the way to the back of that one storage unit. The trailer does have four foot fence type sides he put on it.


    He did leave the fridge, outside table & chairs, bookshelves and pictures in it. But the F3s were inside the bookshelves and the records were stacked three feet tall six wide on the back wall. I'd bet he is sore this am. He's taking the twenty footer the next time now that he knows the layout of that badly arranged storage facility. Not bad inside but outside, no dock for a truck and those darn curbs with grass and stuff all around to inhibit lining any vehicle up with the doors. 

    You may need to send that young man a new toaster!

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  3. Those pork butts looks tasty dtel!


    Dave Mallette would have been 72 today.  Quite a character and gone too soon😪


    Gonna be a rainy day again here.  Last scheduled trip to the Chiropractor at 10:00.  I know they will want me to continue but I'm going to take a break.  Washed the bubble wearing a lumbar belt with no ill effects.  Actually loosened me up some.

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  4. Looked up "exercises for low back pain" and found a list by Kaiser Permanente.  Got out the exercise mat and did a few exercises a couple of times.  Bien!  Helped a lot to stretch out the back some.  And all along I have been very careful and resting my back rather than moving it a bit😐

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  5. 37 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

    Oh my mistake. The context was in "waking up" i.e., waking up to the fact that Biden has us on a course for disaster, or possibly waking up to the fact that Trump was/is crazy -- which was in the context of suffering inflation on a trip to the store on a Monday, and a "cash cow" which was in the subsequent context of it will straighten itself out, but with a new skipper, all which flow back to Elden's earlier remark that he would hate to see this thread locked. 


    I guess it must be Elden? He's always reading "political" into something that is purely nautical. Just the other day he was reminding me something about a rising something floating all boats.


    I'm sure none of it had to do with anything related to current events and Elden was too quick to trigger the Lock Warning. Which no one has ever said, ever.









    I think the "cash cow" remark (meme) was a response to my statement about Chiropractors keeping you in treatment forever to have "cash cows". Nothing to do with politics what so ever. 

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  6. Hardly struck a lick in 6-8 weeks.  Three days a week  at the Chiropractor for the lower back pain.  Friday is the last scheduled adjustment and decompression along with the reevaluation.  Want to bet they try to get me to sign up for more therapy and take another $6-7 hundred bucks.  Feel like I'm one of their many cash cows😐

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  7. 3 hours ago, Islander said:


    Thanks.  It is pretty nice.  The tourist ad slogan is Super Natural British Columbia.  When I lived in Toronto, I was driving so much that I had to fill up my van twice a week.  In Victoria, I live right downtown, and almost everything I need is within 5 or 6 blocks of my front door.  I mostly use the van to go to Costco once every month or two, which is only 15 minutes away, or to drive out-of-province visitors around during most summers.  As a result, now I only need to fill the tank about every 4 or 5 weeks.


    Toronto can be really sticky hot in rte summer, so A/C is practically a necessity, while here, having the ocean on 3 sides of the South Island means that it rarely gets really hot or really cold.  The situation in the Interior of the province is quite different.  So, A/C is really rare here on the Island, even in classy hotels.  So my fuel usage is way down, my heating budget is down, my A/C budget is gone, and I'm even using super-efficient speakers, which I didn't have when I lived in TO.  We try not to tell everyone about this place, because the low population is a good part of the "secret".  The unofficial tourist slogan is Come.  Enjoy Yourself.  Then Go Home.

    Looked Victoria up on google.  Seems like pleasant weather but rarely gets to 72 degrees.  May lose my tan.  Housing a bit pricey?

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  8. I bought a bit of Virgin Galactic stock awhile back and it took off much like the space ship😊 Yep my good.


    Regarding the toaster I forgot when or for what goal I offered a toaster.  Maybe one of the younger, fresher brains will recall. 


    As for posts in the Lounge and for this thread in particular we don't use a lot of graphs or charts, not very technical at all,  most here wouldn't know a diode from a corn chip .    We are a friendly lot though and most of us know how to mix a proper Martini😉

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    Thanks Chuck. Will do!  THAT you can take to the bank!  Just busy af here right now.  My cardio dude is from Argentina and a TOTAL hoot.  Btwn us we ALWAYS come up with some new and exciting lies for the entire team he's on.  I usually come up with something insane when I'm down there.  This time he's putting in a "rechargeable" pacer.  Ya just put a charging pad on your shoulder and the pacer will wirelessly draw current recharging the pacer increasing longevity.  hahahaha  Trust me everyone on his team will bite especially the nurses.  Love my nurses!  :)


    For clarification Chuck's the good looking older gent.  Carl's the bald slushie maker.

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