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  1. Hasn't been a great week with Jake having gall stones and not eating.  He has refused just about everything.  Back to the vet today for fluids, shot of B12 and a prescription to stimulate appetite.  Just gave him the first pill with peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.

    After two week without alcohol I have poured the first two tonight. 



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  2. Thanks Dman and welcome to the forum.  It came from Salamanderdesigns.com.  Configure shelves as you like plus the back panels are easily removed to facilitate wiring.  They often have sales and free shipping.

  3. When I attempt repairs there are usually several parts left😑  I love R2R and have had one (3300S) since 1973! Unfortunately the tape tension arm is loose and I have to put a spacer behind the arm.

    If we had a local tech I would not hesitate to have one of my decks completely gone through. 

    Okay......back to hifi racks. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, avguytx said:


    Are you wanting an RtR?  I have a Revox A77 Mk IV that I am selling that I'll never use.  Needs to be updated of course.  ;)

    Thanks but I have three Teacs.  Trouble is that techs are few and far between in this neck of the woods.  Competent ones even more so.  I had the grease from the pinch roller mechanism replaced in a Teac X10 with non hardening grease and the tech only charged me $405😑

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  5. I'm with you mudd.  Oak strip flooring in LF's place.  Satin polyurethane finish.  Heart Pine at my place.  Satin polyurethane.  I have a Persian rug in my great room that was made in Iran in 1952.  Looks great bordered by the Pine.


    When I was building my house in 1987 I sourced Heart Pine and it was very pricey.  A high school friend and builder told me about timbers being used to stack new lumber at the local lumber yard.  He needed 10" material for his customer and since he was married to the lumber yards owners daughter he convinced them to saw up the timbers.  He used all of the 10" stock and I bought the remaining 6" lumber.  So I did the entire house except for one bathroom.  It has been refinished once in thirty years.  Tough stuff!

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  6. On 12/30/2020 at 1:49 PM, MicroMara said:

    I am currently fighting my annual winter blues . The days are dark, almost like the nights, it's rainy and foggy, cold. The hard lockdown does not make it easier. These are the last hours of a year with much light and just as much shadow. Things can only get better in 2021. smilie_tra_026.gif


    The Ozric Tentacles > Space for the earth < Released in 2020 ( The self-made photos were also better before )   smilie_tra_060.gif







    MicroMara......ever consider moving to a place that is sunny and warm?  Been looking at Costa Rica and Portugal .

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  7. Suggestion.....go to the kennel and pick the dog who has been there the longest.  Make his last years the best!

    My last two rescues (both Jakes by coincidence) were 7 and 9 when I got them. 

    BTW......Jake #2 is doing better.....more active and eating baked chicken and turkey bacon but little else.


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  8. Up date on the Jakester.  Took him in and the tech shaved his stomach in preparation for the procedure.  Then the vet comes in and states that the specialist who was to do the ultra sound husband tested positive for Covid so the procedure was cancelled.  Jake is feeling better and getting his meds wrapped in turkey bacon so we will hold off for a bit.  Seems fine by Jake!




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  9. Cables.  Yes I changed the supplied wimpy patch cords on the Node 2i with some beefier ones.  Like a veil had been lifted😉


    Spent about 4 hours assembling a CD tower that holds 625 CDs.  Looks good.  My arthritic thumb is worse for wear pushing in the tiny brackets that hold each shelf up.


    Jake goes to the vet tomorrow for an ultra sound.  He has gall stones and has not been eating.  Daddy has been worrying.  Gave him bacon tonight and he scarfed that up.


    That's all for now pilgrims.

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  10. 1 hour ago, ibmc said:

    i recently replaced my Yamaha 100 wpm with a EVO 400 Integrated, driving a pair of Cherry La Scala's II's, and a HSU VTF 15H Mk 2 sub.   Night and day difference, such amazing sound. Worth every penny. 

    Welcome to the forum!  I have the PL Dialogue Premium HP.



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