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  1. Suggested viewing on Youtube: Ken Fritz.....The Best Stereo System in The World. Watched it last night.
  2. Happy birthday a day late Lauren! Just think in two more years dad will buy you a pony😁
  3. I'm just the opposite. Three turntables, three R2Rs, many hundred LPs and CDs and yes streaming too. The Sugar Cube takes care of the pops and tics with no loss of musical content. Love the involvement with my media and watching those big reels spin.
  4. Eric you do know that BigStewMan is not a real person right? Many years ago several of us developed his persona and opened a forum account for him based on the life and career of a federal inmate named Sylvester Penrod. Penrod was doing time for maliciously smashing guitars and petty theft! A quirky guy who would go through the chow line and pocket those little packs of ketchup when no one was looking. I think he is now on the lam traveling up and down the west coast doing odd jobs and blogging on several forums. So if you need help with your construction projects you will have better luck getting Rich and Carl to stop by. Hope this helps😁
  5. I met Roger at the 2018 Pilgrimage. Asked him about his screen name. He seemed surprised I didn't know what a twistedcrankcammer was😐 Nice guy gone too soon.
  6. North Carolina huh? Right down the road.....looks tasty call me when it's ready!
  7. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Sorry but I'm on a tablet (Microsoft Surface) with windows 10. Files and pics in Explorer. Haven't had a cell phone since I retired 9 years ago so I'm no help there.
  8. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Go to edit feature and resize pic!
  9. Welcome to the forum! Looks like the link has expired so maybe give some particulars.
  10. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    100HZ seems a bit high but what do I know (my first sub)? I have the SVS PC-2000 Pro crossed at 50HZ.
  11. I wish I had the skills but no I bought it from a seller on usaudiomart.
  12. 16 years ago today I joined this forum! Time flies when you're having fun😐 Thanks but no cards or letters......bourbon's okay though!
  13. I think the 4367 JBL has mid range to die for. Made me start googling them to see if any used ones are for sale. A gent in NJ has two pair and one pair (with 5 hours use) is for sale for $9999. Retail price is now $16,500 according to his add. Pony express from NJ to NC coast?
  14. Yes well I've gone and done it now. Entered the realm of high end cables. Since I bought the Transcendent Sound "Masterpiece" I decided to replace the generic computer power cords. Went to Amazon and didn't even flinch ordering two WAudio 10 awg cords for $45.99 each😑
  15. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Transcendent Sound "The Masterpiece" 300B OTL. Purchased from a seller on usaudiomart. 2015 build with a few upgrades. Tubes are 2 Psvane 12au7s and 2 Shuguang Treasure Black Bottle 300B-Z. THD less than 0.1%, gain 12db, SN 100 dBA. Will be paired with an ATI 1502 (150 wpc) in a second system. Listened to 3 CDs (John Lee Hooker, Sonny Rollins, Over The Rhine) yesterday and was PLEASED!
  16. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Ugly rascal but daddy loves it!
  17. My big guy had a spa day. Now resting in LF's arms.....worn out!
  18. Try Jif after Peter Pan and it's like a veil has been lifted.
  19. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Was just thinking you need more gear!
  20. To Farmers Supply in the AM. Fungus in LF's yard and the guy that has been treating says it's bad. Wonder if he realizes it happened on his watch! So 20 pounds of Heritage G and then wait and see........ Bought a preamp yesterday on impulse. A Transcendent Sound "The Masterpiece". Need more equipment like I need another hole in my head but someones got to do it......right. It was shipped today. Will replace the Quicksilver Audio unit that was a bit long in the teeth. It will be in my second system at my other house so I'll rarely hear it😐
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