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  1. Tarheel

    NFL 2021

    If i was to watch...which I won't I agree on the break time!
  2. Always knew dtel was a rebel rouser!
  3. Got up at 6:15 and had coffee and a bowl of cheese grits. Washed the bubble and refreshed the ceramic coating (2 stage process).. Use Modesta products. All done by 8:30. LF off to play tennis. Swanky sleeping. Nice early fall temps. Power Ball at 523 million. I have 4 tickets so I should win🤔
  4. Must be 4:30 somewhere. Second Jack Black poured.
  5. Well darn! Didn't win Power Ball or Mega Millions.
  6. Good job dtel....you're the man!
  7. Just ordered 2 fifths of Blanton's and 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Black for less than $200. Couldn't quite do 1K for one beer.
  8. I think it would be fun to read what systems folks would cobble together at different price points.....say 25k, 50k, 100k. Anyone want to play?
  9. Where would you even begin to set up a system with all that money?
  10. BTW....last time I looked both Powerball and Mega Millions was over 400 million. Yep I have two tickets for each.....should be a shoe in.
  11. With LF all busy cleaning (laundry, washing kitchen cabinets, changing filters on two refrigerators) I felt kind of bad. So I pulled the bubble out into the shade and did a meticulous cleaning of the tires and wheels followed by the leaf blower to dry everything and then tire gloss. So see....no ones completely worthless....they can always serve as a bad example😁
  12. Being considered is an honor in itself. Well done Ms. grasshopper!
  13. Hey Don I may look into that once I do some experimenting. I'll call you and Roy out on the left coast tomorrow.
  14. That's my thoughts Bill. One unit to hook everything up. Nothing to buy. I was at the point of looking at tube pre amps on usaudiomart everyday to hook up the ATI but then thought why. The ATI did really sound good when I had a Quicksilver pre but it aged out.
  15. Would like some thoughts on a second system that will rarely get used at a second residence. The gear involved is a middle level, NAD CDP, two Teac R2Rs, a Denon DP-1250 turn table with Rega arm and a Ortofon Blue cartridge and home made LS/Altec speakers. For power the choices are an ATI 1502 amp (150wpc) with a Schiit SYS for volume control or a vintage Pioneer SX-950 (85wpc). The Pioneer has jacks for everything including a phono. The ATI has the power advantage but I would still need a phono pre to hook up to the SYS. Yes I will probably try both eventually but wondering which way you folks would bet on for superior sound?
  16. Yes and a small bottle is supplied.
  17. Just bought another chain saw like I need one at my age. Home Depot had the 60V 18" bar cordless saw for $90 off with battery and charger. Took down and cut up a dead Dogwood tree next to the house this morning. Good torque and no pull cord nor gasoline to bother with. Now I'm tired.........
  18. Yep I'm his age and have buried four dogs on my property. Four foot graves and chopping through tree roots about did me in. I can relate. I could have paid to have them buried but felt that was the least I could do for them...........
  19. Jolida JD100 with tubed output and remote. Built like a tank. Shop around and you may find one in your price range. Got mine many years ago from Hot Rod Audio who will do mods if you like.
  20. Yep Diz.....that Barney Rubble was a hell of an actor. Very under rated!
  21. A lot of the music I listened to in the 60s and 70s ( you all know them) no longer sounds good on a decent system. Funny cause it use to sound good on cheap, crappy systems in those days. I realize that my visual sensor is dominant so I prefer to watch movies rather than to listen to music. I find my self wondering how much music the guys that post charts and graphs and discuss the minutest speaker modifications s are listening to or are they trying to squeeze out the last iota of quality only to move on to the next quest. Not that I care what they do with their time.....just curious. Anyway.....my gear is pretty so I'll just be happy for that!
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