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  1. Yes and a small bottle is supplied.
  2. Just bought another chain saw like I need one at my age. Home Depot had the 60V 18" bar cordless saw for $90 off with battery and charger. Took down and cut up a dead Dogwood tree next to the house this morning. Good torque and no pull cord nor gasoline to bother with. Now I'm tired.........
  3. Yep I'm his age and have buried four dogs on my property. Four foot graves and chopping through tree roots about did me in. I can relate. I could have paid to have them buried but felt that was the least I could do for them...........
  4. Jolida JD100 with tubed output and remote. Built like a tank. Shop around and you may find one in your price range. Got mine many years ago from Hot Rod Audio who will do mods if you like.
  5. Yep Diz.....that Barney Rubble was a hell of an actor. Very under rated!
  6. A lot of the music I listened to in the 60s and 70s ( you all know them) no longer sounds good on a decent system. Funny cause it use to sound good on cheap, crappy systems in those days. I realize that my visual sensor is dominant so I prefer to watch movies rather than to listen to music. I find my self wondering how much music the guys that post charts and graphs and discuss the minutest speaker modifications s are listening to or are they trying to squeeze out the last iota of quality only to move on to the next quest. Not that I care what they do with their time.....just curious. Anyway.....my gear is pretty so I'll just be happy for that!
  7. A little change of subjects and maybe a tiny bit of whining. I'm listening to less and less music yet I have two complete systems and some pieces of gear weren't cheap. If I had more energy I would box it all up and sell it for pennies on the dollar.....but there is that energy thing. On top of that I find myself playing the same media choices because it makes my gear sound better. I think I like gear or the promise of gear better than I like music. Gear head? Ever experience that? Will the next generation systems be able to multitask? Like mix a drink or make toast or maybe give you a hair cut while playing in a godda davita? Hope so.......... Till then I'll play Cristofori's Dream by David Lanz for the foreseeable future. At least it sound good.
  8. And that reminds of a college girlfriend (hippie type) that used fabric softener as a hair conditioner and diluted Clorox as a teeth whitener. Wonder how she looks these days?
  9. And most shampoo brands tell you to lather and rinse your hair twice....never do!
  10. You never know where Ben will turn up. Pop in more often my friend!
  11. At LF's suggestion we retired the Bunn coffee maker. Never could get the timer right. A friend of hers has a Cuisinart that she loves so we got a "grind and brew" and set the timer for 6:15am. Coffees ready when we get up. Glad you folks are okay dtel!
  12. I guess it may be a few days dtel but check in when you are able!
  13. Okay then remember the 3 B's. Batteries, booze, bath tub. The tub is to have flushing water or to dunk in after yard clean up. Be safe and get the chain saw ready..........
  14. Yeah and bring those Humming birds in.
  15. Yeah and bring those Humming birds in.
  16. I like sweaters.....all cotton crew necks since wool irritates my neck. Better in cooler weather though!
  17. Try to bring the Hummingbirds in. They are light and may blow away.
  18. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Do you have 2 PL's or did you buy spares?
  19. Think I'll go upstairs to shoot a game of billiards with LF and have a Yuengling Black & Tan.
  20. Just remember it's the thought that counts! Doesn't make toast....but counts!
  21. If I win I may upgrade the prize to toaster ovens!
  22. Morning grasshopper! Poor old Swanky is scared to death of electrical storms. Had to put him in the master closet with the lights on and tried to sleep on the floor with him. Storm finally calmed down after a couple of hours😑 LF playing tennis....one hour late start as the courts were wet. Powerball up to $290,000,000. Bought 3 tickets😃
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