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  1. due to the intense competition, they all have about the same price for the same phones, services & features. do some research & get the one that has the best signal strength in your area, & where you go alot. it IS that simple. P.S., usually it's verizon wireless (IMO & experience). []
  2. "new tweeter"? /not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but will that throw off the timbre match to my older '84 Cornwalls? reason is, I need a Corn center if it will mount ok. can you buy a single? [:|]
  3. what? I already found this hard to find $400 (negociated down from $500 at Circuit City) stand that perfectly matches the TV & puts it at perfect eye-level from the seating. I already would have to take back the center mount I got for the C-7 to go top the TV [] reason? you think it's too low? I gots plenty o' room for a wall mount above it. just don't want it falling on the TV. & that wall isn't part of the basement foundation - it's actually wood frame above ground, as the ground slopes dramatically away from foundation from right to left. hope the studs are in the right place. :-)
  4. SB, so it's on pre-order? will you do a single, as for a center? when is it due out? I don't understand - the Cornwall IS a verticle speaker. are the III bookshelf? ;-) you must mean that it doesn't come w/ inverted horns (?) my brother went there to Western & he & rest of the family are in Seattle. be a good reason to stop up there.
  5. sorry if mentioned, but have you guys checked out the clearpix screen? http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_11_2/clearpix-projection-screen-6-2004.html when I was scoping FP, I checked it out pretty thoroughly. this is the one, but expensive as hell. when are the Corn III coming? sorry, did a google & came here. LOL I'm convinced I need a Corn center mounted upside-down above this new Sony. screw trying to find another C-7 that doesn't match the Corns as well as another Corn or heresy (x2?) anyway.
  6. 78K, thanks again. yeah, w/ an RPTV you shouldn't have any MI anyway, as the guns are far away at the bottom of TV (as far as I've heard). some sticklers may claim that unshielded speaks can affect an RPTV or even LCD, but I think it's mainly a CRT problem. I know it was when I put my klf-30 about 6 in on each side of my Toshiba CRT Theaterwide at the old place. I had to put bucking mags on each of the 8 total drivers (no shield cups). myself, & I ain't no carpenter. btw, great room, sys & set-up. I wanted a wider wall & 4 corners all around, but needed some decks too. I'll try to attach a pic of the start of it here.
  7. "do they just think that heritage people listen to two chanel audio with our reel to reel decks, smoke pipes and have smoking jackets in our shag carpet basements?" yeah, that's me to a T, but replace the reel-reel w/ cassette deck. LOL - not really. "First they are releasing a new CW it is the CW III" hold the phone! a new Cornwall? man, I have been gone too long. I just so happen to be in the market for a single corn to use as center, & I bet I could get them to sell a single. where's the info? nevermind, I'll google. thanks!
  8. Mike, Just think, I send you the cloth, then you send me back the cloth AND speakers. LOL I have to figure out if two would work sonically. If so, it's probably a done deal as Heresy are everywhere. Actually, I was even starting to think of doing one upside-down Cornwall as center instead, but you know how "easy" Corns are to find, especially just one split from the pair. If I could find that golden Cornwall, that's what I'd do. Definitely hire pros to mount. Or, maybe I should just do one Heresy for center, but I want BIG center sound, 80% from center with HT & all. I started another thread over in HT on the prospects of using TWO centers. Here I go again. Finally got the house to match the HT. [] Mike
  9. now 78K, you have belles between KHorns...HHS! since I was last here, you guys have gone Gonzo on me....& I'm lovin' it. maybe "just" heresy aren't enough. LOL then again, I really only have the area above the 67"(wide) Sony to work with, as besides the Corns in corner, I also need to fit a 2ft rack & Velo HGS-18 on the front wall of a lil over 14ft. maybe I just need to find a single inverted-horn/Cornwall center, or hell, just invert a Cornwall vertically. what kind of 67" TV you have? any magnetic interference problems? probably not if it's not a CRT (I hope). I have a B&K Ref 31 & Ref 7270 amp, so hookup should be no problem. thanks much! Mick
  10. thanks AN. great info! 4 Corns in front? HS! I was just about to post on 2nd thought: why me worry about doin' the heresy (mini-Cornwalls) inverted? just put 'em horizontal w/ the horns nearer each other. you'd still have fine horizontal dispersion w/ 2 of 'em a few feet apart, & more verticle than needed for sure... but maybe more workable sonically?
  11. Haven't thought about it for awhile, but now I am. Since I can't find another C-7 to use for a rear surround anyway, I was thinkin' of movin' the current front center C-7 back to join its brothers, the KLF-30 & other C-7, surround & rear surround, respectively. I'd have to look into it, but don't think it'd be any problem mounting them upside-down/verticle on the wall directly behind the new Sony. I know the Heresy aren't shielded, but up high away from the guns of the floorstanding Sony RPTV should be fine. w/ Cornwalls, turned in at the corners, don't think it'd be too crowded soundwise, though I do have an only14ft wide wall, & only about 8ft left w/ the Sony included. imagine I'd just hook the heresy up in parallel to the B&K Ref 7270. w/ 200W divided by 2, 100W continuous for each speak should be plenty. I haven't been around here for 5 years. do I need to post this on Technical or somewhere else? [:|]
  12. Mike, Hold the phone here. This MAY end up being a suggestion for YOU (since Heresy (not a C-7) are THE great timbre match for other Heritage), but... I started thinking, I'd now instead get a pair of Heresy & put them BOTH in for front center, verticle/inverted between the Corns on the14ft wide front wall above the new Sony. signal split 'em for some real center punch. they'd still have 100W continuous each to pump 'em. then I'd have my current front center C-7 to just move on back to join its brothers, the KLF-30 & other C-7, in the 4 surround array. so, do you want to keep that C-7, & sell me your heresy? you do have 2 heresy?
  13. thanks k! you're a good friend. Happy New Year. yeah, they were practically givin' those C-7s away on ubid back when I scored one for about $200. now, some joker in Tulsa on ebay wants $600, but it's oak anyway. [:|]
  14. Mike, what you really need for your center is a LaScala or Belle. you could break up your 2 Las & sell one to another for their center. I know, the mounting hassle. [:S] we probably talked about that 5 yrs ago. I'm pretty sure it is/was Steve P who did that inverted thang w/ a Heresy as center. I'll have to check his profile. or, Steve P, where are you?
  15. Keith: great to see you/hear from you! I was wondering where you were. talked by phone w/ Steve P & he confirmed to me that you were still around here. still have your email too. did you get my email on the '06 CES? just decided to include you on that as a shoutout. or has your email changed? it didn't come back anyway. you still in the used equipment market? as you have probably seen, I badly need another C-7 in black. M
  16. thanks AN. yeah, that's a hell of a coincidence. maybe it was Steve P's recruiting efforts that did it. LOL
  17. Mike, what kind of TV you got? the problem may be that the heresy is NOT shielded, though neither were my KLF-30s & I put bucking mags on ALL the drivers, which solved the problem of them being too close to my old CRT. didn't even have to go to also shielding cups, thank goodness. thanks again, but wouldn't want to screw up that great system you have. hopefully not & we can do it. {edit} also just remembered/thought, the heresy horn is set up for verticle placement (I think), so you would/could place it vertically & upside down (the old Steve P way if I remember right) over the TV(?).
  18. Mike, is that the heresy w/ the black cloth you got from me? I actually remember that. LOL that would be far out of you. let me know. I'll treat you right. Mick
  19. Monty, Do ya like the rock & roll, & especially that solid resonance of the kick-drum? I have the older RF-3 & the KLF-30. the rf-3 are more refined, whereas the Legends are more loud & proud. I'd say the usual: listen side-by-side w/ your preferred material & let your ears decide, but given the Legends are long retired (the black C-7 I seek is nowhere to be found) that may not be an option for you. timbre-wise, the Legends more resemble the Heritage family. I have (or will once hooked up) the Legends mixed in w/ Cornwalls for my home theater. using the RF-3 as 2-channel in the more refined Great Room. []
  20. btw, if I had even more room & $$$, this is the dream: Front: Klipschorns Center: Belle (or LaScala) Surround: Cornwalls Rear Surround: Heresy x2, mounted high on back wall (30 degrees off center axis each). we can all dream. LOL I'd keep the B&K. high current, smooth mosfet for Klipsch, & excellent, flexible bass mgmt.
  21. jeff, well I have a somewhat Heritage HT: front Cornwalls, center KLF-C7, surround KLF-30, rear surround KLF-C7 (one for now but I hope to find another black one for 7.1). will use B&K Reference 31(upgraded) & my "old" B&K Ref amp 7x200. I say will because I moved recently & have yet to get it all set-up. [:|]
  22. a shout out to you too DougD! sorry if I left anyone out. []
  23. MIKE, what a coincidence. I too just reappeared after 5 years. you sure it's only been 3 for you? you know, as you get older, time goes faster because each year becomes a smaller % of your total age - yeah, I went to a Land Grant college w/ a bunch of engineers. [] great to see you again. how's that cloth for the Heresys holding out?
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