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  1. Welcome to the Forum! Hope you stick around. It can be just as addictive as Klipsch speakers!!!
  2. We do have a tentative date and I will be confirming the date with Rodney this week. Rodney had unexpected triple heart bypass surgery last week. He is now home and well on the road to recovery. I just didn’t think it appropriate to confirm the dates with him until he’s a little more “on his feet”! It’s looking the second weekend in May. Stay tuned.
  3. They are on their way to the Museum. Should arrive next Friday!
  4. @Deang thanks for the call. Was great to talk to you. Miss you and Deb a lot. Hang in there buddy!!!!
  5. @Deang I miss you! 601-799-8350. Call me.
  6. dtel's wife


    One of the most genuinely nice guys I have ever met. Proud to call him my friend.
  7. dtel's wife


    Nope, but always looking for new ideas.
  8. Received! @dtr20, do you want a copy of the email to collect your rib or steak dinner from @USNRET???
  9. Come on guys....knock off the snide remarks. It gets old.
  10. Sorry for the delay in posting on how to contribute. First, I would like to thank @DizRotus for securing this purchase while the Museum was determining how to handle these donations internally. I also want to thank Dan Hanson, who I don't believe is a member here, but is a member of several Facebook groups dedicated to fans of Klipsch and vintage hi-fi gear. Dan will be picking the LaScalas up this weekend in Seattle, WA (325 miles from his home) storing them and delivering them to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, AR shortly after January 1. After consulting with legal counsel and our CPA, we are pleased to announce that anyone who contributes will be awarded a Charter Membership equal to the amount of your donation. We are still determining the exact Membership classes and should be releasing the details on those around January 1. I would also encourage each of you to "follow" the Museum section on this forum. We have a lot of exciting projects in the works and we can't wait to share them with each of you. Here's the link to the Museum section should you want to "follow" us: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/113-klipsch-museum-of-audio-history/ So for those of you wanting to contribute you may do so via Paypal donations@klipschmuseum.org If you do not have Paypal and wish to mail a check or money order feel free to PM me and I will provide you with the Museum's mailing address. Thank you all for your support. It is greatly appreciated.
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