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  1. Anyone wanting just the es5800 I'd like to have the es500 in a 2 way setup I could buy and then split.
  2. I'll look into it thanks. Also with the 18 I'd loose more upper I'd imagine like the lascala bin will do.
  3. That's it. Let me see if I can translate it. Looks like a belle dog house.
  4. I found it last night and for the last 20 mins I can't find the topic now. I also stumbled onto a thead where the doghouse was measured ported and different ways. It really didn't help that much. The conclusion was that actually reducing the internal volume by 1/3 helped more that porting. I still have the link to that post if anyone would like to read thru 13 pages of info.
  5. Yall miss understood. Or i didn't word it well enough. There was a set of plans out there that used an 18inch woofer. I found the old topic but the link to the drawings is disabled. I understand it does not fit into the stock doghouse. It may have been taller deeper etc. Id like to make mid bass horn using an 18. I'm planning on a 2way build using Iwata 300 horn with Tad 4001 drivers.
  6. Seems like there was a thread a several years back that had plans to building a lascala using a 18 woofer. Anyone have a link to it. Or the plans?
  7. Seems like there was a thread a several years back good that had plans to building a lascala using a 18 woofer. Anyone have a link to it. Or the plans?
  8. Get rid of the toys. Keep the klipsch. Haha
  9. I was trying to match a few pair I already have. I needed 3.5 pairs total. I'm now leaning to doing a 2way setup. So if anyone has a pair of the ap12-500 i could use them and sell the 2 pair of the universals I have possibly.
  10. Hi looking to see if anyone has the older Alk universals they would like to sell. Can txt me at 2522670421. Thanks Or the ap12-500
  11. Im gonna use 5 lascala s. I think I'll have the room. Im definetly gonna have to make 2 new sub enclousers though. And go from 4 seal'd 15s to 2 ported 15s.
  12. I like furniture that had exposed wood. Oil rubbed walnut basicly. Not much on teak though.
  13. I don't have a rear wall really. The room is 15Wx41L lcr are on the front 15w. I'm planning on sitting 20 ft back. Rest of room is dining area. I have a MCM sofa I'm having recovered I need to go pick it up and actually have it in the room the I can plan better.
  14. Im sure this has been asked but...I have 7 home brew lascala that I use to have a dedicated room for. I've moved to a new house stuck them in the attic for the last few years and bought RF7II and rc64 for down stairs use. I prefer my lascala. I've decided to sell the RF7II and RC64II. Plan to use 3 of the lascala down stairs in the family room. Wondering what to make or buy in there place. The rear surrounds don't do to much....but I don't want tin cans and string back there either. The 2x2 foot print is the issue for me using what I have. Any recommendations.
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