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  1. Tklp Where are you located, I only have the RC 64 available.
  2. No takers so far. I will put on Craig's list for the DFW Area and see what happens!!
  3. Price drop. $1100 for the RF -83. Seems I may be too high. Any comments let me know.
  4. Sold the RF-83s and the RS-62s, so all that is left is the RC-64 for $700 or make offer. Decided to sell my Klipsch System. I am original owner, in a smoke free, no kids, no pets environment. All speakers purchased locally at Starpower in Dallas in 2006/2007. I have all paperwork and original invoices and boxes. Speakers are in great shape with no dings and speaker grills intact with no tears. Pick up locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Will sell separately. Any questions, let me know. Local pickup and cash only. RC-64 $700 PS. A Klipsch guy bought the speakers, drove down from Wichita, KS to get them. He was very happy.
  5. So I purchased the Emotiva XPS 3, gen. 3 and waiting to it to get shipped. Can't wait to get it up and running.
  6. Thanks for everyone's comments. I thought that I have a pretty good system in the scheme of things even though it is 15+ years old. I am looking at an Emotiva XPS 3, gen. 3 Amp to add to this system to run the L/C/R channels.
  7. I am slowing upgrading my Klipsch older speakers to the newer Reference Premier system. So I am looking at the RP-502S Surrounds as upgrades. Any comments or suggestions?? RF 83s, RC 64, RS 62s, 2 SVS 16 Ultra subs, 4 SVS Prime Elevation Atmos speakers, Denon X4500W AVR, 5.2.4 system. So far the Denon runs the system without any issues. Any comments about an external amp?
  8. Bought another SVS SB 16 Ultra so now have a matched pair. They sound great.
  9. Updating my Atmos speakers and these are for sale. Purchased new by me in September 2016. Asking $300 for the four of them. Cash only and local pickup in the DFW, Texas area.
  10. Thought I would post this for everyone who is a fan of Klipsch speakers and Paul Klipsch. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Klipsch in Fort Worth, Texas at Marvin Electronics when he was there at a presentation of Klipsch speakers. Attached is a folder he signed for me and he dated it 84-04-27, year, month, day. I have one of his "Bullshit" buttons somewhere. It was a night I will not forget. Been a Klipsch fan ever since. FYI
  11. Purchased new by me in March, 2004. Black RSW 15, Amp updated and repaired by Edwards Electronics in Phoenix. Upgrading to two matched subs. Have invoice, original box, Owner's Manual, and Service Manual. Grill and 4 posts intact. Prefer local pick up only in the DFW, Texas area.
  12. Sent the amp and back control panel off to Edwards Electronics on Monday, December 5, got it back yesterday, January 4. Installed the repaired amp, fired up the RSW 15 and its works great. Guess it was the amp all along. So thanks for all the comments and I am now back in business. I also purchased a second subwoofer, so I will see how they work together, waiting on a new subwoofer cable.
  13. I have a Black RC 62 for sale for $200.00. Purchased new by me on 5/11/06 from Starpower in Dallas, Texas. Have all paperwork and boxes. Don't have a need anymore, had a 6.1 system now have a 5.1.4 system. It was used as a back channel speaker as I have an RC 64 for center. Excellent condition. Pictures available if needed. DFW, Texas area. Buyer pays shipping if required.
  14. OK, the RSW 15 started the popping/clipping/rattling again. So I purchased the repair from the Edwards Electronics and the amp and back control panel are on their way to Mesa. When I opened up the sub, it smelled like something was burnt. So I am leaning towards a bad amp. As someone else said, Klipsch uses adhesive strips to attach the back control panel to the wood of the back of the sub. That was the worse part of getting the sub apart. Any recommendations on whether I need to use an adhesive before I re-attach the back panel, if so, is there an adhesive recommendation??? Parts left DFW, Texas yesterday and delivery is scheduled for Thursday via FEDEX, pretty quick. I am crossing my fingers to get it back before Christmas. Been communicating with Edwards Electronics via messaging, they have been very good so far. Will update with additional information later!!!
  15. I have my panel and amp out on my RSW 15 and sent to Edwards Electronics. What do you think Klipsch used for the adhesive on the panel? I want to use the same stuff when I re-install the panel. I had a tuff time getting the panel off, but finally did using a putty knife.
  16. Well I think I have solved my own problem. I re-ran Audyssey on the Denon X4200. I set the Sub to 70dB (per the 4200) and let Audyssey set the room corrections. All crossovers are set at 80dB and when everything was completed, using all 8 positions on Audyssey, everything has corrected. I presume I was running the RSW 15 with the volume/gain set way too high which was causing the clipping/distortion at certain times during movies (initial cannon fire in Master and Commander, depth charge scene in U-571, initial scene in Saving Private Ryan). Now I hear the RSW-15 and there is no issues as there was before. During normal TV watching, I have run an SPL meter and it indicates 50-55 dB and will peak to 70-75dB during loud scenes. The next thing I am going to do is try and move the 15 to different locations and re-run Audyssey and see if I can obtain more bass. Right now the 15 is between my mains. I am limited as to where I can put it due to kitchen entrance on left side of room and front entry on right side of room. I also have a slanted ceiling, 8' to 21' at the top of the fireplace, which makes for interesting (not the best) room corrections. But I have to live with that or try and convince the wife to change the game room to a home theater room, won't happen!! Thanks for everyone's help with my dilemma. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about all of this but I learned from you guys. Any other comments appreciated.
  17. One correction, 5.1.4 system instead of 7.1.4. Big fingers.
  18. Thanks for the reply. I have now determined that the clicking was from the external amp driving 2 other speakers when it turns off and on, and not the RSW 15. 7.1.4 system. The amp sits next to the RSW 15 so I thought it was coming from the RSW 15. Listening to the sub now I think that it is bottoming out/clipping, I don't know which is the correct term. I listen at the back of the RSW 15 and watch the cone moving back and forth and it sometimes (during loud bass such as cannon fire in Master and Commander, pops, not every time. The Denon X4200 volume is set at 80, the subwoofer is set at -2.5db in the test tone and bass menu. I am considering re-running Audyssey in the Denon. Again the RSW 15 is 12 years old. So my next thought is the coil is bad or is "bottoming out" during loud bass portions of movies. All my movies are Blu-ray. So I am thinking the amp is still good. I noticed this just starting about 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions or am I on the right track?
  19. Thanks to all the comments and to efzauner for the service manual. Yes I am aware that I can take the amp out and ship by itself. I was trying to see if I could get it repaired/looked at locally (DFW, Texas area) before I have to take the amp out and ship. Considering Edwards Electronics. Hoping I can get it back to working order and not have to invest in a new sub. From all of the above discussion and comments, I presume the issue is with the amp from what it is doing???
  20. Anyone have access to the RSW 15 schematic? I am having issues with my subwoofer and will take it to a local speaker repair service in Ft. Worth, Texas. Trying to help them out by obtaining the schematic. Sub clicks when it turns on and it is intermittent. I bought it new in 2004. Klipsch gave me a repair shop in Holland, MI, a little far for me especially for shipping. Any help appreciated.
  21. This speaker has been sold. Thanks for the interest.
  22. Sold today. Thanks to everyone for the inquiries. They went to a good home.
  23. I forgot that I had this one speaker. I sold the other one by itself. I should have sold as a pair??? Bought new in 2005-6 and replaced with RS-62s. Asking $100. Pictures provided on request.
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