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  1. Is it oil based or water? Can you sand it to the point that veneer will adhere using heatlock glue or contact cement? If you've veneered the bottom bin around the doghouse roof please describe how you did it? Looks like you would cut the floor pieces first so any small gap would be at bottom of angled top of doghouse? Attach the interior sides that should be fairly easy. THen small strip on the jut out when doghouse top meets with the walls???
  2. Coytee it depends how unmottled she was to begin with! We can always put on more coats of poly! Mookie I need to get with you on the cabinets. My friend not longer travels to good old St. Louie.
  3. Thanks Rockhound! Appreciate the free pub!!! Thanks JohnJ. Appreciate the compliments. Just a hobby - I'm lawyer in real life. Longdrive03
  4. Forgot to mention these have K55V midrange drivers and new 18 gauge wire to crossover and to speakers with extra screws on the back panel and foam weather stripping on the rear back board mounting strips.
  5. $650 pickup to forum members. Will ship if you pay the packing, shipping and supplies cost. These are 1981 consecutive number Heresys (114 W708 and 709) that I rehabbed. I got these puppies finished (now working on another Heresy redo in the same veneer (Mottled Eucalyptus). Serial number 114 W708 and 709. K22R woofers cast K700 mid horns, K55 drivers and K77 square magnet tweeter with Type E crossovers with slightly used Sonicap capacitors installed (got them from Wuzzers) Here is the link to the tech mod post on these earlier for reference. I installed front to back mid braces and reinforced all joints with screws before veneering. 6 coats of wipe on poly then wet sand with 500 grit then paste wax applied with 0000 steel wool. . Original Klipsch grill frame with neo magnets installed under veneer. I installed front to back mid brace. Selling for $650 to Klipsch members (plus shipping cost) or can pickup in LIttle Rock. Will upload more pics. Thanks. Longdrive03. .
  6. I’ve got two pairs of Heresys rehabbing now. Here’s the front to back side to side brace I used.
  7. Wizzes you got a deal! Thanks very generous of you! Let me know how to pay-PayPal?????? Longdrive
  8. First off, I recognize these are NOT "Heresys". I documented the build from scratch in the tech mod section shown here in the link below so I won't repost here. Price is $1,000.00 for for members plus shipping. Shipping won't be cheap because these are big and heavy. They sound great. Very open and not harsh. 3/4" materials all the way around and ported using the Eminence PRO 12 LFA which is a monster woofer. Post questions or PM me. Thanks. Longdrive03
  9. Moray, Never thought of doing that. Interesting idea. Has anyone ever tried this to see any difference from traditional alignment???? Got these finished and will post in the Garage Sale section. Got another regular Heresy rehab going now with mottled eucalyptus veneer.
  10. GOT THIS PAIR OF CONSECUTIVE SN H'S A FEW WEEKS AGO. ORGINALLY RAW BIRCH PLY SERIAL NUMBERS 114W708 AND 709 WITH K22R WOOFERS, K55V DRIVERS, K77M TWEETERS AND TYPE 3 CROSSOVERS WITH LATER BLACK POLY/MYLAR? CAPS (WHICH I WILL REPLACE WITH SONICAPS). I shot new screws into all joints, filled recessed screw holes with filler, installed front to back and side to side bracing, cut off the front edges flush, installed neo magnets on front, veneered front with mottled eucalyptus, installed new front edges veneered with mottled eucalyptus then applied veneer on sides and top on one cabinet so far. Have 4 coats of wipe on poly of first cabinet. I think the bracing will help keep the back panel vibration down. also plan to install more screws on the back panel. White Klipsch label still on the backs which I am not changing. Will post pics when I get my laptop working properly. Longdrive03
  11. Thanks Randy I really appreciate your comment! No since letting it lay around with no use!
  12. I was going to use this in a center channel for a friend but went a different route. Glad it worked out. Ken
  13. Not sure how to link the Garage Sale post to the Tech Mod post but will copy link in Tech Mod Post.
  14. Going to move these to garage sale to some lucky forum member. Located in LIttle Rock, AR.
  15. Proudpapa, Believe it or not I have one! You're just needing the horn correct? Horn measures 5 7/8" x 3 1/2" . See pics below. This is my last one. Have some 6 x 6 and 7 x 10 and some K-85 horns also. $15.00 shipped ( in US) PM me if you need more info. Thanks. Longdrive
  16. Mboxler, Thanks for the sketch but I've got the Type E network and your diagram is for type A The Type E has a 2uf going to the tweeter so may use 3uf on the tweeter for 4500Hz 6db? I assume I could add the .5mh coil on the K-55 leg
  17. Thanks for the compliments guys! Ended up just replacing the 2uf caps on the Type E network with Sonicaps. Applied rope caulk on back of all speakers, installed convoluted foam in cabinets and finished grill frames. Really like the Eminence 12LFA woofer. It is stout and clear. EV tweeter driver is on a KPT-1201 Tweeter horn which has 100 x 100 degree dispersion and it sounds more open and less harsh than the K77 tweeter probably because of the tractrix flair.
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