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  1. If you are able to find someone who will ship them to you, make sure any converter you get is rated for 500W. --Amy
  2. Well, I've been back, but I just don't have an answer yet. Go ahead and send me an email, and I'll forward it along to the appropriate sales rep. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  3. We ship the new ProMedia systems from Orange, CA. All of our parts and other speaker products, however, are housed in Hope, Arkansas. The office headquarters are in Indianapolis--no warehouses. --Amy
  4. Paragon, I feel very fortunate that we are all able to share this moment with you. It's a beautiful thing. --Amy
  5. The satellites are shielded, the sub is not. Try moving it a little farther away from the monitor. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  6. Switchblade, If the CP-1 is attached, they are the new 4.1s with the crossover. None of the existing v2-400s were re-boxed with the CP-1, and the CP-1s were not made available to any dealers (except Micron in Canada). --Amy
  7. Since you have the Promedias, it would sound excellent! One problem with a 2-channel card, however, is you cannot get true surround sound from it, just split stereo signals. You'll also loose some quality by having to use a y-adapter, and the newer 4 channel soundcards simply sound better (clearer). --Amy
  8. It is true. Many of our dealers had placed advanced orders, and some of those orders were inadvertantly released early, as I mentioned in a different post. So, if they say they have the new 4.1s, they most likely do. Enjoy!! --Amy
  9. Good response from Movie Freak! I just want to add that you can purchase the satellite grills by calling 888-554-5665. Thanks! Amy
  10. Thanks, Clifford! No, we don't have any speaker wire for sale, but that is something I've been lobbying for. I'll keep on 'em! --Amy
  11. Interference would be louder from the rear sats, as their gain is higher. --Amy
  12. Thanks, troyc642! And welcome! --Amy
  13. Contact me by email about this... --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  14. Do they buzz when the computer is off? Have you tried unplugging them (both from the wall and the soundcard) and plugging them back in to see if that helps? Also, check for any cable interference, such as the mouse or keyboard cable. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  15. That's correct. Use the order number or the name of the place of purchase. --Amy
  16. No, the current v2-400 has no "problem" with channel separation. The CP-1 is an upgrade, with inevitable improvements that are bound to arrise with a product almost 2 years old. Bascally, it sounds a little clearer to the trained ear. --Amy
  17. Hi maggotbrain! (nice UserName ) The CP-1 was designed to have better channel separation, but the main features of the upgrade are the headphone jack, auxilary in jack, and disengage button. It's really up to you; if you're interested in these features, then yes, it's worth it, but for sound quality alone, the $ may be a little high. Unless of course, you just have 50 bucks laying around... --Amy
  18. If that doesn't help, then the problem could be in your subwoofer. Let me know! --Amy
  19. If you move the rear satellites to the front, does the hiss follow them? If not, it's likely a problem with the subwoofer. Contact me directly about return options. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  20. Trust me, that question was *purely* hypothetical. This post is too much fun to delete! --Amy
  21. I'd be curious to hear everyone's reaction if I were to actually delete this monster... --Amy
  22. Please clarify... Do you mean that when you switch the plugs in the soundcard, the hiss comes from the same speakers as before you switched them?
  23. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with that card. Sounds like you'll need to contact someone at Sony to get the specs and settings of that particular card. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  24. Our Canadian repair center: Micron/Thorne Electronics-- contact George Thorne 905 828-1662 Thorne Electronics 2180 Dunwin Drive Unit 6 Mississagua, ON Canada L5L-5M8 ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  25. Have you been using the diagram posted at the top of the bulletin board, or the one included with the packaging? Use the one on this bulletin board for the Promedias... ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
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