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  1. USMC for a while. Joined mid/late 60's. SE Asian war games plus. I am not the child my mother raised anymore. Thank you for serving our country!
  2. Hi, sorry to interrupt. They do make cables specifically for the sub. The cable filters out higher frequencies to allow the sub to handle the lower frequencies more efficiently. HarryO
  3. This makes me 3 pairs of Cornwalls here now. I have 3 pairs of Khorns, 2 LS, and 3 pairs Heresys, and my "Wallrus" (cross between CornWALL/ChoRUS) With BEC parts and help. I'm fine tuning before applying color to them. Michael got my Forte ll's. I will be downsizing soon and post on the forum. Multiple Crown PS-400's, Mac275's, Antique Sound Lab AV-20's, McAlister Pre Custom built ML-33 with special phono and headphone sections. McAlister and ASL's for sale now. HarryO
  4. He was a very nice person. Klipsch owners are the best!!
  5. They're pretty fair. K-77 was ok. The B-2 crossover caps are leaking everywhere. I've got to get with BEC tomorrow and get cap replacements on the way. HarryO
  6. If those are the ones from Ohio that were on Ebay recently it should be replaced. They can be repaired by patching from the rear and using surround adhesive or a suitable substitute. HarryO
  7. Michael didn't get them. I drove up to Chicago today and bought them. 82's with b-2's HarryO
  8. I agree totally! It does sound like BS. It just happened to work on my Denon DCM 444. No more skipping and a most definite improvement. I needed a foot for my turntable and ordered the spikes for a try. In my CD players case it made a huge difference. HarryO
  9. Back in the late 60's I was as crazy as it got. At least 'til I ended up onboard the helos'. They knew no fear. My hat was off then and now. Semper Fi HarryO
  10. Check out the Audio Technica AT 440MML. Around $235 (not the ML). Square shank like the vinyl cutters and remarkable range. 5hz-50khz. I have quite a few cartridges costing MUCH more and the AT is sweet. It's a little hard to set up but when set is a great cartridge. Right out of the box is excellent. After a short break in period it really performs. HarryO
  11. I sold a friend my favorite cd player (Nakamichi CDC-200) and was very unhappy with my Denon DCM-444. I ordered spikes for my turntable and ended up using them on the Denon DCM. The difference was night and day. Without any question the Denon Woke up and performed like a different player. Totally accessing more music on the CD's than ever. I have Isolated my turntable, cassette deck, and reel to reel with the spikes. I built a new pair of speakers and added in a plate for adjustable spikes in them also. A DEFINITE MUST ON MY SYSTEM. SMALL ROOM, TOO MUCH BASS! HarryO
  12. Thanks, I'm using this on my LaScalas now. I used Parks 0819 wood bleach after stripping and sanding the ugly finish on them. Next comes the Pre-stain conditioner and color. Thanks, HarryO
  13. Thank you for the info. I had a cabinet maker build the cabinets. He builds high end cabinetry and is also an audio fanatic as are most of us. I'm looking for new or different ideas for something different/weird/out of the ordinary. I have a feeling someone has or had a project out here that produced some unusual results. To me it is just part of the fun of building my own and taking my audio pleasures to an individual level. I deal in audio equipment and see about everything made. Just keeping the Heritage sound with a breath of fresh air thrown in. Thanks for all.
  14. Thank you. It goes with what I've been reading. I'm getting a good picture of the process.
  15. With my new Wallrus (CornWALL/ChoRUS hybred) cabinets configured for the new drivers I am all but done with this project. It is Time for the cosmetics. I used Poplar plywood for the cabinets and I'm not sure where to start on staining the cabinets. I have a friend that restores vintage furniture but I'd like to keep her out of the mix on these. What is the best approach to getting a nice color base on the plywood? Any step by step would be appreciated. Thank you, HarryO
  16. i actually tried a pair. sounded good but my old ears and cabinets yearned for a bit more nostalgic K sound out of them
  17. Nope, the Pyle is no longer available. Bob has been testing out a few new horns and this one looks good on tests and sounds good according to Bob and a couple of forum members that visited his shop recently.
  18. Crites has been testing a new horn that should go down close to 500hz and is only 16 1/2" wide and 12" deep. I love the sound of the Cornwalls but don't have the room. I have used the volume of the Cornwall cabinets and gone up and deeper to keep the cabinet volume. It is a cross of the Corn"wall" and the Cho"rus"(Wallrus) I'm sticking with the basic Cornwall drivers but have bought a full update on the k-33's and k-77's from Bob Crites. My problem has been the mid horn. The 600 is fine with me. I'm familiar with it and have no problems with the range. They are basically non-existent though and the new Crites horn gives extra range and smoother transition inbetween. I'm using Poplar cabinet grade plywood and have gone through a total of 6 motorboard/horn combinations. I feel the new horn should give me the transition I'm looking for. BTW, Crites has been super and his "playtime" has paid off tremendously and saved me many hours. Thanks again Bob. The cost of the horn is very reasonable and If the new horn tests out in my cabinets I'll be a very happy camper. The new speakers already sound amazing and I can't wait to fit the new horn and K-55's in the next few days. HarryO
  19. Bob, as you know I've been experimenting with quite a few horn/motorboard combinations lately. Some of the horns I've tried have need for dampening. I have been using the 3M brand of grey 1/2" double back tape and giving the horn a quick wrap. It works well, makes no mess at all, and removes easily if desired. It's available at most automotive parts supply stores. Send me a pair of the new horns when they show up. Tomorrow? I hope. HarryO
  20. I have found a solution for my horn problems. Thank you
  21. Michael, Jim and Mike at Circuitshop.com in Kentwood Michigan have some good deals and are some of the best speaker repair people around. About half what Orange County Speaker charges. I have the Phone number if needed. H
  23. I'm building a new pair of speakers and I'm having difficulty in finding the 600 Cornwall horn. Is there a good replacement or does someone have a pair of 600's they want to get rid of. Thanks, HarryO
  24. M, Your house is fine. You just need a bigger garage. Or I could take a couple of the CW's off your hands. Hb
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