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  1. Date has moved; probably to June 19 or 20.

    If I am not tied up that weekend, I'll have to consider coming out. Would love to check out your rig. The march one was not a good timing on my part (plus the crappy weather did not help either). I was up at Whitetail in PA, skiing with one of my friends that weekend.

    Cool! PM sent with details.

  2. Here ya go: Klipsch KB 3.1 bookshelf speakers, driven with a 285 wpc Kenwood amp. Subs are Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 Dual Voice Coil, driven by a Kenwood 1000 watt amp (clean & clear). The audio in this video is terrible, but this song is as clear as a bell:

    Posted Image

  3. I agree completely with you on these:

    Definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal bending over the
    desk to receive spankings from uptight lawyer James Spader in the
    shocking Secretary (2002). So hot.
    Of course, Chocolat.
    Not simply because it has Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin,
    all that
    is certainly reason enough, but because without a lot of nudity or sex,
    as in
    the two above, Chocolat weaves a charming
    tale of magical love certain to move and inspire the fairer sex, and
    perhaps a
    few skeptical tweaking audiophiles as well.
    Yes, Liv Tyler’s topless nudity in Stealing
    Beauty (1996)
    is an attention
    grabbing scene that is the hallmark of this sensuous film. But its tale
    of a
    young girl exploring the meaning of love and relationships, with yet
    powerful performance from Jeremy Irons (Lolita,
    Merchant of Venice
    ), is what puts this move over the top.
    It is absolutely Liv Tyler’s brash seductress
    men over the legal limit) in One Night at
    that makes the movie so sexy. Anybody watching this would
    run away
    with her.

  4. Yep! All 30 KT-88 Silver Eagle tubes are included.

    From the owner over at carveraudio.com:

    "Evidently, there seems to be some concern about the fact I was running
    the tube amps with no load (no speakers connected)

    In fact, this IS a concern for the majority of tube amps. However, none
    of the Carver tube amps are affected by this.

    The majority of tube amps WILL go into oscillation if there is no load
    placed on them. The Silver tube amps will NOT.

    The circuit Bob designed is so stable, you can run these amps with an
    input signal... no load, and they will just sit there and purr away.

    Where the majority of tube amps will start popping tubes like they are
    cheap light bulbs.

    The other question I got was, Why is the right meter reading 0, as where
    the left bias meter is reading .2

    The answer is, I took some of the photos before the output relay engaged
    on the right amp. The meters stay at 0 for about 4-5 minutes while the
    tubes are warming up.

    The left amp was turned on before the right amp was. I saw a spot that
    needed dusting, and wound up turning on the right amp a few minutes
    later than the left.

    Yes both meters work perfectly, and both read the same bias, around .2

    I'll ask Bob to write up a little something on the circuitry and
    stability of the Silver amps, and post it here later."

  5. Kodak has some REALLY easy point&shoot cameras at WalMart; you can get them with a charging/interface base that connects to the computer so you just sit the camera on the base & it automatically downloads them to the computer & charges the camera. They used to have a base with built in printer that was awesome, but I haven't seen one of those in a while. Prices are very competitive.

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