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  1. My set has had no problems either. I had it hooked up as a stereo set for about a month then hooked up the other two speakers about a month later. All is good.
  2. Da*n salesman! He lied to me. Told me they were made of marine grade baltic birch. I think it was around 1975, I believed it all this time. ACK!
  3. Da*n salesman! He lied to me. Told me they were made of marine grade baltic birch. I think it was around 1975, I believed it all this time. ACK!
  4. It's a good price. The Heresy's were made of marine grade baltic birch. Buy 'em!
  5. I hooked up the 4.1 refurbs.- or at least half of it. They neglected to send me the "Y" adapter they refer to in the instructions. The front channels work fine. No problem. I really don't think there should be any worries about buying factory refurbished goods if it is being sold by a good company- which Klipsch is.
  6. I am hooking them up on Monday. I doubt theres anything wrong with them. If you can't trust Klipsch selling their own refurbished goods, who can you trust?
  7. The Klipsch MCM systems in theatres sound GREAT. The HPS 4000 is a modified MCM setup ( or at least it was years ago ). There are a few theatres in my area that use Klipsch. LaScala's for left, center, right and heresy's for surround. I wonder what system Regal will put in? If it is the MCM's it will sound great. JBL is really common, most likely do to the cost. I think you can get into JBL gear for pretty cheap. I'm sure they make some really good gear but I know theres quite a few theatres with their cheap stuff and you can tell.
  8. The refub'ed 4.1's showed up today. I only opened the box and inspected the speakers. They looked good but there was dog hair all over the place! What's up with that? You'd expect a little more from Klipsch. Does Klipsch do the refurb or is it contracted out? Looks like they came from California not Indy. Anyone have an answer about how the surround channels are derived? Thanks!
  9. By what I've seen DLP is better looking than LCD. But if money is no object look into the D-ILA projectors. Hands down the best.
  10. My gripe has to do with an individual store. The manager will not come out from behind the counter. You ask him if they have an item and it is an automatic "no". I normally find what I'm looking for despite his laziness. Another store farther away has a really nice manager who takes time out to talk to the customers and help them however he can. I have made it a practice to drive a little farther to shop there.
  11. "you would need a speaker switch like on from NILES that would put you back about $40-60" Why not just a simple electronics switch? How are the surround channels derived? Is it a simple matrix where the left and right are run out of phase? or is there more to it than that?
  12. I just bought a refurb. 4.1 system and have a few questions. Can you run this as a dual stereo setup? Can the rear speakers be controlled by the volume control and/ or turned off/ on? I plan on using the 4.1 for listening to two channel but I would like to have the rears hooked up in a different room and switch them on and off. Any one attempted this? Thanks in advance!
  13. I own a pair of the industrials! They are rated at 200 watt vs. 100 for the home version. There are two fuse one for the mid/ high freq. and another for the woofer. Also, they have binding post connections going into the mid/ high cabinet were the crossover is and a binding post output to the woofer cabinet. Mine are split "B" cabinets, forgot what the "B" stands for, I think it was the fiberglass or triangular mid/ tweeter section. The only problem with them is the wife acceptance factor.I have been scratching my head trying to figure out how to open the mid/ high cabinet so I can dampen the horns. They are built like a tank!
  14. Thank you Mr. Klisch for opening my ears to true Hi- Fi in 1974 when I first heard a pair of your Khorns. May you rest in peace.
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