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  1. These are all small enough to fit in my space requirements. They use a lot of watts. Do they need their own 15 amp outlet? It looks like The SPL 1500R can be found for about $1000 and the DD 12 for $ 1700. How do these stack up versus the RSW 10 and 12 D and the RW 12 D, musically with my 2 channel RF 7's. I listen to NO movies and NO rock. Just jazz and classical CD's No vinyl.Thanks for your continued help.
  2. Which Velodynes do you recommend vs the RW 10 or 12 D and the RSW 10 D? Rank the SPL, SMS, DLS. Thanks
  3. Recomendations on subwoofer interconnects. SVS offers a reasonably priced interconnect [better Cables]especially if one needs a 15 meter one at $75.. I recall that the shorter the better for component interconnects. My longest is about 1 1/2 meters. Is it the low frequency signal to the sub that allows the long distance if needed and a less costly interconnect?
  4. The RSW-10d would fit on the bottom of the equipment stand and is 500 watts vs 350 for the RW-12D. Is this a better choice with the greater power. I would favor musical over lows for movies since I dont watch movies. How much might I get as a discount on it? Do these show up on ebay or audiogon? Comments.
  5. Love them. Great sound and no oxidation. Dean asked me the same question. Fritz you have helped me several times in my short stay here. Based on your comment that you did not think my RB 990 had a blown transformer, I sent it to Rotel and for $120 I have a totally factory refurbished 990 on its way to me. Transformer was fine. It was mostly cracked solder joints which took 2 hours to fix plus 2 diodes that had factory epoxy on them. No charge to fix that. Thanks Fritz.
  6. I have an Audio Research SP 11. For MAIN OUTPUT CONNECTIONS it Says "There are two (2) sets of output connectors which are connected internally in parallel. One set should be connected to your electronic crossover or power amplifier. The additional set is provided for connection to an additionalamplifier for remote or "background", use, or for "bi-wire" amp systems ( where separate power amplifiers are used for base and trebel, but no electronic crossover is used) Being a total neophite and reading some posts here I don't know If I could set up a sub with this pre amp. I am listening stictly 2 channel with RF 7s. See my other posted querry "Do I need a sub and which one"?.
  7. I have 2 channel RF-7's That are 7 feet apart. You see my other stuff below which is on two rock solid oak shelf units side by side. I have a factory refurbished rotel 200 watts/channel that I can A/B with the now installed 150 watt Nad C 272.I plan to have Dean do the RF 7 crossover upgrade. I listen 90% new and old Jazz and 10% classical. No TV and No movies. I listen sort of loud but not real loud. I like to hear all the instuments clearly. I have pretty good 73 year old listening ears. I have a 2400 square listening room 22.5' by !3.5' plus a dining room off to the listeners left which is 9' by 13' Its all carpeted with a popcorn cealing. Ceiling height varies from 8' to 10'. I was thinking of the new SVS SB 12-Plus 425 watt bash amp because I'm hoping to put it between my Speakers on the base solid floor shelf of my equipment rack. The SVS is almost a !4 inch cube and will fit in there nicely. Will a 425 watt bash amp cut the mustard? The $ 700 for the sub is an ouch. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. No electronic changes but the lenses were part of the cleaning.
  9. I would Love to hear from those who had this done, What did you notice?
  10. Will this improve the sound quality? It has been 15 years or so and this was my Audio Research CD 1 player's First cleaning. It was gone to the shop for 10 days and it sure seems to sound "MUCH" better now.
  11. The sub I'm thinking of getting is the SVS SB-12 Plus @ $699. Its small enough to fit on my bottom shelf. That shelf is as rock solid as the floor beneath it. Its only 14" high and 14"deep. 425watt bash amp. BTW did I mention this is not for movies, just music CD's. Thanks for mentioning the SVS woofers.
  12. I don't have any sub yet. The space between the 2 RF 7's is completly taken up by the two oak shelved stands.
  13. I'm fairly happy with the RF 7 as is ,but I am pondering a sub to get a more clear more realistic base in a fairly large room 20 X 16 and open to the right. The quality POWERED subs seem to be way out of my willingness to pay ie $2000+. I have an extra great power amp. Can I use that to minimize the sub cost and still get something great. A non-powerered sub if you will ! Thanks speedball.
  14. I have a rotel rb 990 or a nad c 272 that I could power the woofer with. Im looking at $ 500 to spend. Do I need a powered sub?
  15. Does the sub have to be on the floor? I have RF 7's and 2 channel stereo. If I added a sub it would have to be closer to one speaker than the other.The speakers are 7 feet apart and the sub would have to be 2 feet from one speaker and sit on the bottom shelf of a very heavy solid oak equipment stand. All of my components are on 2 of these stands which are side by side.
  16. I have RF 7's in a 2 channel setting. Can a Sub be higher than the side speakers and closer to one than the other? The sub would have to go on an open shelf stand where all my stuff is. Will this cause a vibration that makes adding a sub counter productive?
  17. What's a good web site to give the frequency ranges of instruments?
  18. Just tried my Sony DVD player [no VCR] and it is MUCH better than the Sanyo DVD/VCR. Still not as good as The Audio Research CD player.
  19. Now that I've had a chance to turn the volume up on the Sanyo DVD/VCR player it doesn't sound as good. Nowhere near my audio research CD 1 player. It's still way better than the tapes I was listening to while awaiting my CD players return. I hope the cleaning alignment of it is all that's needed. Thanks for all the feedback.
  20. Thanks Michael. My audio research CD player is in for cleaning and alignment. I just tried your suggestion and my cheapy DVD player sounds pretty good. Boy was I sick of listening to old tapes. It's too early to crank it up and wake the wife. The DVD will hopefully sound even better then. When I get my CD player back I'll A /B the two. Thanks again.
  21. I would think the sound would be better if it's a single disk player but I don't really know.
  22. I found out from an expert [Dale] at www.vacuumtubes.net that both grey and black plate tubes just sound different. Some people like the sound of grey but more people like the black better. It's interesting that most sellers never distinguish between the two. The color is invisible!!! Live and learn. Boy there are a lot of people selling tubes. Without trying I came across 20 or more.
  23. I'm looking at 6DJ8 Jan Sylvania Tubes For My Audio Research SP 11 pre amp. Which are better for a pre amp the black or grey and why. The SP 11 does not need matched or low noise tubes but does need high conductance so the manual says. What is the significance of high conductance?
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